Football+ is a package
for real fans

Watch European Cup matches in the Cinema section of the TV+ app


✔ All European Cup matches at the same time.
✔ Exclusive broadcasts before the match.
✔ Archive and review of all matches.
✔ Pause and rewind.
✔ All the latest football news.
✔ Free traffic for lifecell subscribers.


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Questions and answers

What is Football+?

Football+ is a package within the TV +, which allows you to watch European Cup matches on a tablet or a smartphone without paying for the traffic!

With Football+ you'll be able to:

  • View exclusive broadcasts before the match.
  • Pause or rewind the game.
  • Be aware of all the football news.
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Where can I watch the matches?

To view the matches just go to the Cinema section and select the match.

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Are Football 1 and Football 2 included in the package?

As of now, these channels are absent in the Football+ packages

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Why can't I activate the service?

At the moment, the Football+ package is available to subscribers of all tariff plans, except for those using BOMB or HandMade tariffs. If you are a subscriber to one of these tariff plans or you have one of the TV+ packages activated, the Football package will be available to you later.

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Can I connect several devices to watch the Football?

Yes, you can connect 3 devices to TV+, e.g., a smartphone and a tablet.

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Does the user pay for mobile Internet when using the TV+ app?

No, if the app is used on a device where the package was activated. Using mobile Internet on the other device will be charged. We recommend using Wi-Fi on the other device or switching the first device to the hotspot mode and using the mobile Internet from the first device to watch TV+ on the other device.

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How can I deactivate TV+?

Go to the *225# menu and choose the Deactivate option. Note that it's impossible to deactivate the package on the day it's activated.

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What specifications should the devices have?

iOS 8 and above

Android 4.2 and above

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How do I deactivate my device or one of my devices?

You need to call the lifecell Subscriber Service Centre and make a request.

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