Tariff plans

750 minutes to all networks within Ukraine, the fastest 3G+ Internet and video

75 UAH / 30 days


Your personal tariff!

For calls to all networks

40 UAH / 30 days


Tariff for your family!

135 UAH / 30 days

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Popular gadgets

Popular services

Listen to the most popular radio stations together with fizy

Convenient storage for your files

New generation app

Continue communicating even when you got 0 on your account! 

Manage your account from your smartphone!

Call to other networks without thinking about the price

20 UAH / 30 days

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The freedom to simply and quickly do any tasks - communicate, work, study and have fun.
A new take on the communication quality and fast Internet gives you freedom to communicate with anyone and how convenient it is for you.
The possibility to communicate always and everywhere without any extra expenses and with no restrictions!

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