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How to join 4.5G netwotrk from lifecell?

To connect to 4.5G from lifecell, you need to have a SIM card that supports 4G/LTE (USIM) and a smartphone that supports at least 4G/LTE, and to turn on 4G or LTE mode in the Settings > Mobile networks. Click here for details.

To use the maximum possibilities of 4.5G network from lifecell, your smartphone must support 4.5G (LTE Advanced Pro).

What kind of phone do I need to use 4.5G network?

To use the 4.5G network, your smartphone should support at least 4G/LTE.

But if you want to use the most of the 4.5G network from lifecell, your smartphone should support 4.5G (LTE Advanced Pro).
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What is bonus account?

Each subscriber has two accounts: their main account which tallies the money deposited by the subscriber to pay off the services cost and a bonus account, which automatically accrues all the bonuses.

1 bonus gives the right to obtain services with the total cost of 1 UAH for the money paid by the subscriber. Bonuses may be used according to the terms of the use for the bones account.

Individual subscribers may use bonuses to pay for:

  • a services package according to the tariff plan;
  • calls within lifecell network, calls to the numbers of other mobile and fixed-line operators in Ukraine;
  • SMS;
  • mobile Internet;
  • the cost of switching to another tariff plan;
  • other services.

To pay for the above mentioned services, primarily, bonuses are used from the bonus account (if any), while bonuses with a shorter validity period are used first. After using all the bonuses, the main account is used to pay for the services.

Bonuses cannot be used to pay for:

  • roaming services;
  • international call;
  • mobile payments;
  • "Balance Transfer" services;
  • content services;
  • “SMS to landline” service.

The validity term of the bonuses may vary and depends on the conditions of accrual of such bonuses (according to promos, tariff plans, etc.). A subscriber can check the quantity of bonuses using the combination *111#. Moreover, may check the quantity of bonuses and their validity term in the application My lifecell.

The validity of bonuses starts from the moment of their accrual. Bonuses that have not been used during their validity term are annulled.

Accrual and presence of 1 bonus on the subscriber's bonus account means the emergence and existence of this subscriber's right to receive mobile services according to the tariffs at which the subscriber is serviced, in the amount of 1 UAH. Whereas, the services provided to the subscriber using bonuses are paid by the subscriber with the money deposited on the subscriber's main account and for which the relevant amount of bonuses were accrued on the subscriber's bonus account and which cannot be returned.

Bonuses accrued on the subscriber's bonus account are under no circumstances money in the direct meaning under the valid laws of Ukraine. In case of termination (cancellation of obligations) of the contract on provision of telecommunication services concluded both in written and oral form (acquisition by the subscriber of the initial package and replenishment cards for the account), bonuses are annulled and shall not be returned to the subscriber in the form of money under any circumstances.

The operator reserves the right to change the terms of use for the bonus account. The operator reserves the right to suspend the accrual of bonuses/write off bonuses/cancel the bonus account unilaterally without the consent of the subscriber in case of violation of the legislation of Ukraine by such subscriber.

How can I check the paid services connected to my number?

To check the paid services connected to your number, dial *112# and push the call-button. Using the menu you can find out:

  • a list of the active services and the service to be paid for
  • the cost of the services, validity period and prolongation date
  • including to disconnect services you do not want to use further.
How can I use the Service at the smartphone?

To use the Service «Internet access» at your smartphone it must be properly set. You can set your smartphone manually or you can order the automatic settings of the Internet to be sent to your smartphone.

You can use one of the following methods to order the automatic settings for your smartphone:

  • call *123#, select Internet Poslugy category, then Nastroiky
  • send SMS with INTERNET to a number 123
  • call 5433 (free for lifecell subscribers) and inform the representative of the call-center your phone number and the service you want to adjust.

After you receive the settings, save them.

To set your smartphone manually, use the Manual for your smartphone to create a new access point with the following settings:

Connection name:

lifecell Internet

Data bearer:


Access point name:


User name:

Prompt password:






Gateway IP adress:

Connection security:


Session mode:


Phone IP address:

Automatic (

Primary name server:

Secondary name server:

Use proxy server:


Proxy server:

Port number:

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Service cost

Acquiring, use and change of the SuperPassword is free of charge for all lifecell subscribers.

How can I order “Bezlimitnyi miskyi nomer (Unlimited local number)”?

You can activate/deactivate the service “Bezlimitnyi miskyi nomer” by calling *141# from your mobile phone. Confirm your decision using the tips.

Loyalty program

Receive miles or points for each minute* of a call within lifecell network!

lifecell is pleased to introduce a new International Roaming Loyalty Program for the guest subscribers implemented together with Travelling Connect B.V., the Netherlands. This program allows to obtain miles or points (dependent on the Loyalty Program selected) while in roaming in lifecell network and use the bonuses received in such companies as:

To use the Service it is necessary to take 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to Traveling Connect and register for one of the Loyalty Programs./li>
  2. After the registration for the Loyalty Program you can connect 3 more persons to your account.
  3. Select convenient lifecell network via the menu of your mobile phone and start to earn points. The lifecell network will be reflected on the display of your phone as UA ASTELIT, UKR 06, 255 06, lifecell.

You must register just once and can select only one Loyalty Program. You can receive maximum 6 points or 4 miles per one minute of the call* within lifecell network. The Service is free of charge.

The rules are simple but the provisions are attractive! The subscribers of any mobile operator** can use the advantages of this program if they register at Travelling Connect and use roaming within lifecell network in Ukraine!

The program details and the terms are specified at Traveling Connect website.

Enjoy your staying in Ukraine!

* Miles/point are given only for the outcoming calls.

** The operator must be the roaming-partner of Astelit, LLC.

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