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March 10, 2023.

lifecell announces 2022 FY and Q4 results: continuing operations despite the war

lifecell mobile operator has announced its financial and operational results for Q422and 2022 year. The company demonstrated financial indicators progress and stated 11.0% revenue growth and 14.6% EBITDA growth on a yearly basis. lifecell three-month active subscribers base declined to 8.5 million because of the ongoing war. 

March 9, 2023.

lifecell launched the "Autopay" service in the "My lifecell" application

lifecell was the first among mobile operators to implement the "Autopay" service - with it, all individual subscribers will be able to set up automatic payment for a package of services with a bank card. In the event of a change in the tariff or its value, the amount and (or) the date of the next payment are updated automatically.

March 1, 2023.

lifecell received the prestigious telecom award GLOMO Awards

The mobile operator lifecell took part in the international competition The Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) for the first time, presenting a case study of its work during the war, and received recognition in the category "Best mobile innovation in emergency or humanitarian situations". The award was presented to Ismet Yasiсi, Chief Executive Officer of lifecell, during a ceremony at the MWC international mobile industry exhibition.


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