lifecell business partnerships with the suppliers have a great importance for the continuity of the services we offer in the long run.

To get notification about new tenders, please, register

You are invited to send us your proposals to: together with the completed potential supplier form.

Our course of action, codes of conduct and expectations from our suppliers for uninterrupted service offerings and lifecell service quality are available by the link.

lifecell suppliers play an important role in offering products and services to our clients.

Our aim is to establish a transparent, value generating, flexible business partnership, based on the cooperation and achievement principles.

The company focuses on open and honest relationships with its suppliers and is committed to mutually beneficial and reliable partnership.

In our purchasing process we follow the below fundamental principles:

  • fair competition among participants;
  • maximum economy and efficiency;
  • openness and transparency at all stages of the procurement process;
  • non-discrimination of participants;
  • objective and impartial evaluation of tender proposals;
  • preventing acts of corruption and abuse.

We guarantee our suppliers:

  • non-discrimination and absence of unjustified restrictions on competition;
  • right of the supplier to appeal against tender results;
  • compliance with business ethics, anti-corruption policy and use of instruments to counter fraud and conflicts of interest;

If you have information about unfair business competition, discrimination, or opaque procedure of the tender, you can share it in a letter to for nontechnical procurements or for technical procurements.

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