International Calls

Calls to more than 60 countries – starting from 0,80 UAH/min (within 30 min package for 24 UAH/30 days).

In order to call abroad with attractive tariffs, you don’t need to activate or setup anything – unified simple international calls tariffs are applied automatically for all lifecell subscribers.

Also, special offer!

Receive minutes for outgoing calls abroad for incoming international calls (details)

Service "International Benefit" - 0,4 UAH/min



All taxes and duties are included.

Full price for package will be charged from subscriber’s account during first connection.

If minutes are used out before 30-days period ends, you get another package of minutes. Quantity of packages is not limited.

Check of remaining minutes: *242#1.png


In order to pay for each international call separately without using package of minutes, you have an option to order (without order fee) the service “A call abroad”, according to which each call to countries of group 1 and group 2 is charged separately with the following tariffs:

    • 3 UAH/min for calls to group 1 countries,

    • 8 UAH/min for calls to group 2 countries.

To activate or deactivate this service please dial from your mobile *262#1.png


If you have made at least one outgoing international call starting from 22.03.2017, then you automatically start to participate in receiving minutes for outgoing calls- for each 3 full incoming international minutes you are provided with 1 minute for outgoing call abroad.

For accumulation of incoming calls duration each second of incoming call is counted and each time 180 seconds (3 minutes) are accumulated you are provided with one minute for outgoing international call to any country!

Minutes which are provided in such way are valid for 7 days from the provided date. If such minutes exist, they are utilized first and only after they are used out standard charging is applied.

To check existence and remaining of provided additional minutes use the following command *242#1.png

Conditions and tariffs are provided as of 20.12.2017.

Tariffs are applied on whole territory of Ukraine.

questions and answers


How to call abroad?

To call abroad dial:

+ or 00 (country code) (city code) (subscriber number)

For example, to call to London, dial +44 20 XXX XX XX or 00 44 20 XXX XX XX, where:

  • + or 00 – dialing code for international calls,
  • 44 – code of United Kingdom,
  • 20 – code of London,
  • XXX XX XX – subscriber’s phone number.
What is the price to call a satellite phone?

There is a single tariff for satellite operators (for example: Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya):

  • outgoing call – 150,00 UAH/min.
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