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Dear subscribers! Please note that starting from 03/13/2020, there are two technical breaks for the safety of staff and customers at lifecell stores: 12:00 to 12:30 and 16:00 to 16:30. There is also a limit on the number of visitors to the store - no more than 5 people at a time. Staff use disinfectants and masks.

Now you can purchase electronic SIM-card - eSIM - in the self-care terminals network of our partner - EasyPay, which is 14000 terminals throughout Ukraine. Moreover, not only to buy eSIM, but also choose the specific number you like using the Number Choice service.

Kyiv region, Kyiv
Working schedule:

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Questions and answers

What services can I get in lifecell stores?

There is a certain list of services available in all lifecell stores, which can be useful to all subscribers, such as: 

  • Getting the information about tariff plans available in lifecell;
  • Getting the information about your number: current tariff plan, active services, expenses;
  • SIM-restoration in case if it is lost, broken or there is a necessity to change it for micro- or nano-card;
  • Work with references in case of difficulties;
  • Corporate customers service.

There is also a wide range of trendy smartphones and modern gadgets available at favorable price! 

How to get the nearest lifecell stores?

To find the nearest lifecell store, call 545. After the call, you will get a message with the list of the nearest stores. There will also be an information provided about the working hours of the stores listed in accordance with the day of message sent. The call to 545 number is free! 

Note that the working hours may change from time to time. That is why if you plan to visit one of the stores, it is better to call the 545 number to get the relevant information. 

Important information for consumers

The servicing of customers/subscribers in the lifecell stores as well as the products realization is performed by LLC "lifecell" partners.

LLC "lifecell" is not a manufacturer or a seller of the product and doesn't execute the servicing (including during the warranty period).

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How to leave feedback about customer service in lifecell shop?

If you want to leave feedback after visit to lifecell shop, call to 5995 number.

By calling to 5995 number, you can record voice message with your proposal or remarks. Responsible person will check records and provide feedbacks in case of need.

All calls to 5995 number provides free for lifecell subscribers only. 

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lifecell Trade-In service
lifecell Trade-In service

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