Tariff subscription
Feel the spirit of mobile Freedom!
Pay in advance for 6 or 12 service packages within your tariff and get a 10% or 15% discount
Save up to 15%
Always in touch
No need to think about the next payment date
Guaranteed price
How to activate
How to activate
To activate the Tariff Subscription service in the current tariff
Check that the service is available for your tariff plan
Make sure there is a sufficient amount on the main account (the cost of 6 or 12 tariff service packages at a discount) and the current service package has been paid for
Activate the service using one of the ways below
Wait for the activation SMS and dial *490# to check the amount of provided service packages
Ways to order
Ways to order
Have you ordered? Then let's go to freedom with lifecell!
Have you ordered? Then let's go to freedom with lifecell!
For which tariff plans the service is available?
The service is available for activation for individual subscribers served under the terms of the following tariff plans: Simple Life, Smart Life, Free Life, Platinum Life, Dzvinkiy BEZMEZH, Free Life. Region, Internet BEZMEZH, Gadget Security, Gadget Tablet, Gadget Router, Gadget Smart, Simple Life 2020, Smart Life 2020, Free Life 2020, Platinum Life 2020, Internet BEZMEZH 2020, Free Life. Region 2020, Simple Life. Region 2020, Smart Life. Region 2020, Platinum Life. Region 2020, Gadget Tablet 2020, Gadget Router 2020, Gadget Router Plus 2020, Gadget Smart 2020, 4 Unlimited, 4 Unlimited 2019, 4 Unlimited Plus, Absolute Freedom with package L, Calls abroad, Comfort, Comfortable, Heat GO, Heat GO PLUS, Heat Light, Heat Light 2021, HYPE, Internet Heat, Iron Twenty, Lifehack, Lifehack 2019, Lifehack 2020, Lifehack Contract, Lifehack PLATINUM, Lifehack Plus, Platinum, Platinum 2019, Platinum Contract, Platinum PLUS, Practical, Smart L, Smart M, Smartphone 2018 with package L, Subsidy.
If I have a special price for the tariff, will the discount be applied to the special price or standard one?
To special price. For subscribers who are served under the terms of tariff plans: Smart Life 2020, Free Life 2020, Internet BEZMEZH 2020, Simple Life 2020, Free Life. Region 2020, Simple Life. Region 2020, Smart Life. Region 2020, Platinum Life 2020, Simple Life, Smart Life, Free Life, Platinum Life, Free Life. Region,Internet BEZMEZH which provides special prices for service packages for 4 weeks (for registered / personalized subscribers and subscribers who have used the number portability service) and who use the relevant special prices — the cost is determined based on special prices.
Can I activate the service by using funds on the bonus account?
No, you can't. You can activate the service only by using funds on your main account.
Are the service packages kept in case of changing the tariff plan?
No. When switching to another tariff plan, the service is deactivated and the service packages purchased in advance are lost.
How the service packages are provided?
After activating the Tariff Subscription service, the first service package within the tariff is provided on the next day after validity period expiration of the paid service package within the tariff.

If you have the service activated, service packages for 4 weeks or 30 days will be provided automatically. Pre-paid service packages will be charged every 4 weeks. In case of exhaustion of the 4-week/30-days service package before the end of its validity period, the subscriber can receive the next service package (from previously purchased within the Service) by dialing the combination *700#.

If the service validity period expires, you can reactivate it. You can activate the service before its expiry, provided that no more than two service packages from the previous order remain unused.
Can I apply the additional discount?
In case of applying to the subscriber number any discounts under the terms of which the cost of the service package is reduced by 4 weeks according to the tariff plan, when ordering the Service these discounts will not be applied and the cost of the service package will be determined based on the standard cost of the service package (without discount).
Why I can't activate the service if it is available for my tariff plan?
The service is unavailable if the Plus and/or lifecell music services are activated. Please check it.
Is it possible to connect the service to another subscriber?
The "Tariff Subscription" service is available for connection to other subscribers within the "Mobile Care" service on the following tariff plans: "Smart Life 2020", "4 UNLIMITED", "Internet Heat", "Free Life 2020", "Simple Life 2020", "Internet BEZMEZH 2020".
Additional information
Additional information
  • The service is launched on September 16th, 2021.
  • The service terms are valid as of October 27, 2021.
  • Receipt of services in the temporarily occupied territories and uncontrolled territories may be limited or impossible due to circumstances beyond the influence and control of lifecell LLC.
  • The Operator reserves the right to set and change tariffs (tariff plans) for its services in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Telecommunications", change the list of such services, as well as change the conditions, terms of promotions, terminate them early, suspend them unilaterally etc. in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for the provision of telecommunications services lifecell LLC

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