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How often is it possible to change the tariff plan?

How often is it possible to change the tariff plan?

Your lifecell’s tariff plan can be changed once a day.

Terms of bonus account use

Terms of bonus account use

Detailed terms of use of the bonus account can be found here.

Which lifecell social accounts are real?

Which lifecell social accounts are real?

lifecell has communities in the most popular social networks:

Facebook –

Twitter –

YouTube –

Instagram –

Join and find out the latest news and interesting information, participate in contests, promos etc.

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Refill by cash

Refill by cash

By Cash

You have the possibility to refill your personal account as well as any other lifecell subscriber account by cash in the following places:

  • In bank outlets and branches,
  • Via ATMs,
  • Through the partner network of terminals,
  • In the exclusive lifecell shops.

To refill lifecell account you can visit branches of the partner banks:

Via ATMs:

Through the partner network of terminals:

While refilling lifecell account you can use such main types of terminals as self-service kiosks, POS-terminals, java-terminals and Windows-terminals.

When refilling a lifecell subscriber account via a self-service terminal, use the graphic menu of the terminal to:

1. choose the option “Refill lifecell subscriber account”,
2. enter your personal/any other lifecell subscriber number,
3. insert a required amount of cash in the cash acceptor,
4. press the Pay button,
5. take a receipt from the terminal operator

The minimum account refill amount is UAH 1.

It may take from 5 minutes to several hours until cash funds are added to your account.

Keep a refill receipt until you see that cash funds are added to a lifecell subscriber account. You may find the support service number of the terminal operator on the receipt.

Rules of refilling lifecell account:

In order to refill account by means of scratch card or electronic voucher:

  • Type from your phone *111*, then refill code, then # and press dial button, or
  • Dial from your phone 111 (free of charge) and follow instructions of interactive voice, or
  • Select Balance Refill item in lifecell menu of your phone and type your refill code.

To refill the account of another lifecell subscriber choose the most convenient way for you:

  • Type *111*1*xxxxxxxxxxxxxx*380xxxxxxxxx# and press dial button, where xxxxxxxxxxxxxx – code of refill, 380xxxxxxxxx – phone number of the subscriber that you refill OR
  • Dial from your phone 111 (free of charge) and follow instructions of interactive voice

Warning! You have only 5 attempts to fill correct code.

Customer undertakes obligation for refill of account of another lifecell subscriber and non-disclosure of refill codes to third person.

By Bank Transfer

You may refill with the help of money transfer from your personal account to below given lifecell's bank account:

  • IBAN UA443510050000026004878929824 в АТ «УкрСиббанк»

Your lifecell account will be refilled the same day!

By making cashless payments it is necessary to indicate the follows in the field «the details of payment»:

  • 200ХХХХХХ — the contract number, if the payment has to be placed to the joint account for its future allocation between the lines according to your contract + details of contract (for example: the advance payment for communication services)
  • 380ХХХХХХХХХ — the phone number (if the payment has to be placed to the personal account of the concrete line) + the details of payment.
  • ХХХХХХХХХ — the account number (if the payment is fulfilled by the concrete account) + the details of payment

LCC “Astelit” is not responsible for in time money taking in case of their payment according wrong fulfilled payment documents, so please check attentively their correctness during making payments.

What is the subscriber number "life cycle"?

What is the subscriber number "life cycle"?

The "life cycle" of a subscriber's number is the period from the moment of activation of the SIM card by a certain number on the network, the beginning of the provision of services by the number till the moment of the termination of services. At the end of the "life cycle", the starter pack with the same number (but with a different SIM card) is reissued (provided for sale) or such a number is offered to subscribers to make a connection in another way.

Each subscriber number can have several "life cycles". During different "life cycles" users of the number are usually different persons. The current legislation of Ukraine does not prohibit the provision of subscriber numbers that were previously used by other persons.

When starting to use a subscriber number (including by activating a SIM card in the lifecell network), the subscriber must keep in mind that such a number could have been used by another person before. In case of termination of services by subscriber number for any reason (including in case of refusal to receive services directly by the subscriber), such number may later be provided for use by another person.

The operator reserves the right to determine the period from the end of the previous "life cycle" until the time of issuance of a new SIM card with the same number (offers to subscribers to receive services under this number).

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Які строки та умови надання послуг?

Які строки та умови надання послуг?

Ви маєте можливість здійснювати та отримувати дзвінки, надсилати або приймати SMS, користуватись Інтернетом та іншими послугами впродовж 365 днів з моменту активації стартового пакету та впродовж 180 днів з моменту активації будь-якого акційного стартового пакету.

Кожне поповнення рахунку на 10 гривень та більше одним платежем продовжує можливість здійснювати та отримувати дзвінки, SMS та користуватись іншими послугами протягом 365 днів.

Поповнення основного рахунку на суму до 10 грн не впливає на строки надання телекомунікаційних послуг.
Після закінчення строку 365 днів впродовж наступних 30 днів ви можете поповнити рахунок на суму від 10 грн одним платежем і поновити, таким чином, можливість здійснювати та отримувати дзвінки на 365 днів. За відсутності поповнення у вказаний строк обслуговування по абонентському номеру твоєї sim-карти остаточно припиняється.

Мінімальній строк дії тарифного плану становить сім календарних днів з моменту запуску. Мінімальний строк дії тарифного плану автоматично продовжується до моменту прийняття оператором рішення про недоцільність його продовження. Зміна умов тарифного плану можлива виключно у випадках та у порядку, передбаченому чинним законодавством. Про зміну умов тарифного плану абоненти повідомляються додатково. У випадку змін умов тарифного плану оператор оприлюднює такі зміни у засобах масової інформації та/або на своєму веб-сайті за сім календарних днів до моменту їх запровадження.


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