Call Center

An ideal solution for companies that provide customer consultations by phone and would like to let their customers call their own call center by a short number

850 UAH / month




  • Fast and convenient access of the company's customers to the call center
  • Easy to remember short number
  • The company-client can pay for calls instead of their customers

Fee for connecting a short number 5312,50 UAH
Monthly fee for servicing a short number 850 UAH

Tariffs include all taxes and fees.

Full conditions

The cost of 1 minute of lifecell subscribers calls will be 1.06 UAH including VAT and PF.

According to the company's decision, calls to the reference and information center on a short number for lifecell subscribers can be free of charge; In this case, the company pays the cost of these calls instead of the subscribers of the lifecell network.

In this case, the company can pay a minimum fixed fee of 0.32 UAH. with VAT and PF for each minute of the call of the subscriber at the end of the reporting period, if the connection with the network of the mobile operator lifecell was provided.
Service: Call Center WARNING! Only for legal entities or self-employed individual. The list of documents to connect.
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