Corporate meloring service

  • The service is available only for the corporate subscribers with the number of the lines more than 25
  • Format of the sound files — extension WAVE audio, bit transfer rate 64 Кbit/s, ITU G.711 A-law, mono 8000 Hz, length of 60 seconds
  • Within the service there is a possibility to play only one melody during the current month providing the possibility to change the melody not more than once in a month.
  • It is possible to change only the tone of the subscriber’s call, busy tones are standard.
  • In a moment for each called customer only one melody is played, I the second call is obtained the standard ring tone plays.
  • If the call is accepted in the holding mode the standard ring tone is played.
  • The service is not provided while the call deflection is activated.
Service: Corporate meloring service

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