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All general enquiries about lifecell should be made through our central support line:
0 800 20 5433 - free from Fixed Lines or 5433 from within 5433 from with lifecell network (free of charge)

Registered Office Address

Enquiries considering corporate communications and all other post should be addressed to:
LLC “lifecell”, 11 “A”, Solomyanska Str., 03110 Kyiv

Points of subscription and services for corporate subscribers

OblastCityAdressShop type
Odes'kaOdesastr. Zhukovskogo 33, off. 701Corporate office
Odes'kaOdesastr. B Arnautskaya 63Exclusive
Donets'kaMariupol'str. Lenina 66/39Exclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivstr. Chervonogvardiyska 1вExclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivav. Moskovskyy 23Exclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivblvd. Perova 36Exclusive
Dnipropetrovs'kaKryvyi Rihstr. Leonida Borodycha 17Corporate office
Zaporiz'kaZaporizhzhiaav. Sobornyi 158Corporate office
Kharkivs'kaKharkivstr. Blukhera 21Exclusive
Kharkivs'kaKharkivav. Moskovskiy 19/23Exclusive
Kharkivs'kaKharkivstr. Poltavskyi shliah 53/55Exclusive
Poltavs'kaPoltavastr. Zhovtneva 59ACorporate office
Dnipropetrovs'kaDnipropetrovs'kav. Bogdana Khmelnytskogo 4Corporate office
Kyivs'kaKyivstr. Kurenivska 16a, off 302Corporate office
Ternopil's'kaTernopil'str. Volodymyra Velykogo 12Corporate office
L'vivs'kaL'vivstr. Bogdana Khmelnytskogo 176Corporate office
Zhytomyrs'kaZhytomyrstr. Kyevska 66Exclusive
Odes'kaOdesastr. Gretska 50Exclusive
Khersons'kaKhersonstr. Zalaegerseg 18Exclusive
Kharkivs'kaKharkivstr. Chernyshevskogo 7, оffice D2Corporate office
Kharkivs'kaKharkivstr. Universitetska 9Exclusive
Kharkivs'kaKharkivstr. Sumska 37дExclusive
Kharkivs'kaKharkivav. Lenina 14Exclusive
Khmel'nyts'kaKhmel'nyts'kyistr. Svobody 3/1Corporate office
Kharkivs'kaKharkivstr. Kooperatyvna 275Corporate office
Ivano-Frankivs'kaIvano-Frankivs'kstr. Dnistrovska 2Exclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivstr. Kutuzova 18/7, off 512Corporate office
Kyivs'kaKyivstr. Hreschatyk — Bogdana Hmel'nyts'kogo 40/1аExclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivsq. Besarabska 2Exclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivstr. Akademika Glushkova 13Б, Shopping center „Magellan”Exclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivav. Obolonskiy 21б, Shopping center „Dream town”Exclusive
Cherkas'kaCherkasystr. Dashkevicha 29Exclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivstr. Lavrukhina 4, Shopping center „Rayon”Exclusive
Dnipropetrovs'kaDnipropetrovs'kstr. Geroiv Stalingrada 118дExclusive
Zaporiz'kaZaporizhzhiastr. Zaporizka 1бExclusive
Chernihivs'kaChernihivstr. Rokosovs'kogo 68Exclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivav. Peremogy 26Exclusive
Kyivs'kaKyivav. Mykoly Bazhana 3Exclusive
Ternopil's'kaTernopil'str. Ruska 23Corporate office
Khmel'nyts'kaKhmel'nyts'kyistr. Proskurivska 28Corporate office
L'vivs'kaChervonohradstr. Shevchenka 12Exclusive
Kharkivs'kaKharkivstr. Vorobyova 10Corporate office
Zhytomyrs'kaZhytomyrstr. Kyivska 79, of. 201Corporate office
Vinnyts'kaVinnytsiastr. Kyivska 16, off. 401/3Corporate office
Mykolaivs'kaMykolaivstr. Chkalova 20Corporate office
Dnipropetrovs'kaDnipropetrovs'kstr. Barykadna 15ACorporate office


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