Encrypted fixed telephony for professionals allows to reduce expenses for mobile and office connection significantly with the help of unified office and mobile phones of their branches and units.

The service is available for all out corporate clients.

45 UAH / month




  • Optimization of expenses for mobile and office connection
  • Flexible tariffs for outcoming calls
  • Direct and short numbers


  • SIP with the possibility of channel encryption with the help SRTP(RTP) TLS
  • SIP through IPSec tunnel
  • Dynamic and static IP addresses
  • Custom solutions to connection options

As of today, the following additional IP telephony services are offered:

Call diverting:

When equipment is unavailable.

If all internal channels of the client are occupied.

Short number – Call Center service:

Incoming calls (diverting from short number to SIP number)

Outcoming calls from short number (placement of short number during outcoming calls to network numbers from chosen SIP numbers)

The possibility to order hidden number service.

Technical support – 24/7 at voip_help@lifecell.com.ua
Service Unified Network Premium (093) Unified Network Premium IP (fixed)
Monthly fee for number phone line, UAH 50 45
Monthly fee for named phone line, UAH 50 50
Calls inside corporate group in lifecell network, UAH/min 0,01 0,01
Calls to lifecell numbers, UAH/min 0,3 0,3
Calls to other mobile networks of Ukrainian operators, UAH/min 0,5 0,5
Calls to fixed numbers within city, UAH/min 0,5 1-600 min* Included in monthly fee*
Calls to Ukrainian fixed numbers, UAH/min 0,5 0,5
International calls, besides satellite operators and special international directions, UAH/min 3,99 3,99
Special international directions, UAH/min 7,99 7,99
Setup fee for international calls, UAH/connection1,88 1,88
Diverted calls within to lifecell numbers, UAH/connection 0,20 + call direction tariff  0,21 + call direction tariff
Full conditions

The service is provided on postpaid terms.

Direct fixed numbers are provided with codes of the following cities: Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Zaporizhzhia.

Tariffication of outcoming and diverted calls (telecommunication service of data transfer with the help of voice) throughout Ukraine and international calls is charged per second in the first second of every minute of telecommunication service. The following 59 seconds are included in the price of the first second without additional charges.

Tariffs are quoted in UAH with VAT. For "Unified Network Premium (093)" tariff plan, Pension Fund fees are charged in amount of 7,5% from the price without VAT.

Connection protocol – SIP.

* – for number lines only

Service: IP-telephony WARNING! Only for legal entities or self-employed individual. The list of documents to connect.
By submitting a request you agree to the processing of personal data

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