Public Static IP Address

This is a unique IP-address, which is assigned to the subscriber number and under which the device is viewed on the global Internet.
The service allows you to access a device with an public static IP address from anywhere in the global network.

30 UAH / month



Tasks that will help to solve the Service:

  • remote access to a computer, camcorder and other equipment
  • VPN connection (for example, a VPN connection from home to the office network)
  • provision of public access on the server computer (Web-server or FTP-server)
  • use of client banks for access to bank payment systems
  • authorization on some services (for example, file storage)

Service Tariff
Monthly subscription fee for IP-address, UAH 30
Activation fee, UAH 10

Tariffs include all taxes and fees..

Full conditions

The service is provided when the subscriber establishes a separate connection profile (via the access point static1) in his equipment

Dial-up number:*99#
Additional initialization lineAT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","static1"
Access point namestatic1

The client also independently protects its equipment from attacks and threats from the Internet.

Service: Public Static IP Address WARNING! Only for legal entities or self-employed individual. The list of documents to connect.
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