Comfortable SIM change

Everyone already uses 4.5G, but you still aren't? Bought a new smartphone and SIM format does not fit? Comfortable SIM replacement – the best solution for you.


How to use

Step 1

Buy a new lifecell starter package with 4.5G SIM at any point of sale or order a SIM online delivery.
IMPORTANT!!! Do not activate a new SIM card until change process is completed (Step 4).

Step 2

On smartphone with current active SIM card dial combination *393*ХХХХХХХХХХХХХ*ZZZZZZZZ*YYYYYYYY#, where:
• ХХХХХХХХХХХХХ - serial number of the new starter package without first 6 numbers and without last one (The number of digits should be 13. If the first 6 digits remain 13, then last digit should be left. If 14 digits, then it is necessary to enter without the last digit);
• ZZZZZZZZ- PUK1 of current SIM card;
• YYYYYYYY- PUK1 SIM card of new starter package.

Step 3

After 60 minutes, dial *393# combination on smartphone from currently active SIM card and confirm SIM change.

Step 4

Install a new SIM card in smartphone after current SIM card is automatically disconnected.
Attention! Automatic disconnected of current SIM card is inability to carry out outgoing actions, such as calls.

The service "Comfortable SIM change" is charged.

In the case of change via starter package without included bonuses (for example, "Gadget" starter package for 50 UAH), the cost of the service is 0.01 UAH including VAT and PF. The cost is charged from the main account at the time of deactivation of current SIM-card.

In case of change via starter package with bonuses included (for example, “Lifehack” starter pack for 150 UAH), the cost of the service is 50 bonuses including VAT and PF. The cost is charged from the bonuses included in the starter package. After change of SIM card, the remaining bonus will be accrued to subscriber on the bonus account.

For the full Terms and Conditions for the "Comfortable SIM Replacement" service see the link.

Questions and answers

Is my service package will be saved after “Comfortable SIM change”?

With this type of SIM change will be saved: number, tariff plan and its validity period, number validity period, funds on main and bonus accounts, connected services and promocampaign.

IMPORTANT! Before start procedure of SIM change, you need to transfer contacts that are recorded on current SIM card to smartphone memory. Contacts that are not saved in smartphone are not restored.

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Is it possible to use service from any SIM card?

Your current SIM card must be active.

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How many attempts to enter combination?

Quantity of attempts to enter combination *393*ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ*ZZZZZZZZ*YYYYYYYY# - 3 times per day.

Quantity of attempts to enter combination *393# - 1 time for confirmation. After 60 minutes there is 120 minutes to confirm SIM change by dialing *393#.

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How many time provided for SIM change approval?

Through 60 minutes after correct enter combination *393*ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ*ZZZZZZZZZ*YYYYYYYY# and receiving confirmation of acceptance of application for SIM change, there are 120 minutes to enter *393#.

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What PIN will be valid after SIM change?

After entire change process (all 4 steps have been completed), PIN and PUK are valid from new SIM card.

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The error occurs while scanning the QR-code “Data Plans from This Network Provider Cannot Be Added. Your device can only use data plans from a different network provider.”

This error occurs from phone side. The telephone was purchased in another country and can ONLY be used with one operator that has been installed by the manufacturer.

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