Recommendation to secure yourself from fraud

You can secure yourself from fraud and keep your money and social accounts by responsible attitude towards personal data.

The rules are simple

  • Do not provide strangers with your contact details, do not provide them with comprehensive personal details: number, e-mail, bank card numbers, passport data, and taxpayer's number.
  • Do not provide strangers with phone numbers of your friends and family.
  • Do not be led by your emotions, always check both happy and sad news, especially when asked to send money or provide passport data as soon as possible.
  • Be critical to calls of “bank security officers” or similar persons. Please remember that no one can request your passwords. Never inform third parties about your personal details or mobile traffic information (calls, online sessions, SMS, etc.).

To prevent your SIM card stealing we recommend to

Register your number:

  • via a self-service web portal (using an electronic digital signature or BankID)
  • in lifecell store (with original passport or other documents)

Opt for a contract-based service:

Personify your number (for switching from contract tariff plans):

Assign a Memorable word to your number:

  • call contact centre 5433 from your number.
  • via a self-service web portal

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