Theft from a mobile account

Purpose of criminals

Get access to your mobile account to steal money from it.

Attributes of fraud

  • Scammers provoke you to top up your mobile account by inventing various reasons, from simulating a call from the bank's security service to problems when paying for your goods.
  • You will get an SMS with a one-time password to confirm the payment.
  • Scammers disguised as bank employees or buyers will call and ask for this password to allegedly solve the problem.

Possible consequences

  • Loss of money from your mobile account
  • How can one secure oneself?

    Be careful when receiving calls from the bank. If you receive a call and the caller introduces themselves as a bank employee, call back to the official phone number specified in the agreement or on your bank card and report such a call. Never provide "buyers" or anyone else with one-time passwords that you receive in SMS from payment systems.

You can find details on fraud protection here.


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