Theft from bank card

Purpose of criminals

By changing a SIM card with your number, to obtain access to accounts in online banking systems to steal funds from cards.

Attributes of fraud

  • You receive periodic calls from unknown numbers to your mobile numbers added to bank cards.
  • You received an SMS with a one-time password to confirm payment or data change yet you are not making any payments or changing any passwords.
  • You received an SMS from the operator indicating that your number will be blocked or your SIM card will be changed.
  • For no apparent reason, you are suddenly disconnected from mobile network yet subscribers nearby do not experience such problems. Ask someone to call you. If the phone is picked up or there is a dialling signal, your number is likely to be stolen.
  • Unknown persons who call themselves policemen, bank security officers, operator online support experts, etc. require your internet traffic or call data regarding your number, or try to find out other personal details.

Possible consequences

  • Loss of bank card funds
  • Loss of online banking account
  • Loss of telephone number

How can one secure oneself?

We recommend to register or personify the number added to your bank cards with your passport or change pre-paid services for contract ones. You can find details on fraud protection here.


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