Fraud prize

Purpose of criminals

Making a subscriber transfer funds to a certain account, call the indicated number or make him or her return the call/send an SMS reply.

Attributes of fraud

  • You suddenly receive an SMS, e-mail or call informing you about alleged winning a prize you did not register or apply for. The prize is very expensive: a car, a flat, a trip ticket, a high-quality smartphone, other devices or a large amount of money.

  • In order to get the prize you have to transfer funds for alleged courier delivery, order or payment for goods for a certain amount or call the indicated phone number which turns out to be a paid call.

Possible consequences

  • Loss of transferred funds, including those sent for fictitious goods.
  • Paid phone call.

How can one secure oneself?

We recommend to ignore messages and calls regarding winning prizes you did not register or apply for. If suspicious calls persist, we recommend to blacklist this number.

You can find details on fraud protection here.


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