Account theft

Purpose of criminals

Get access to the account you use for your own needs in social networks, marketplaces or Google services to:

  • spread untruthful information about you in social networks appealing for financial aid;
  • steal your marketplace clientele or social media subscribers and redirect the orders.

Attributes of fraud

  • You periodically receive calls from unknown numbers to your public mobile numbers from advertisements. People act as if they were interested in your goods or services, yet the content, amount and frequency of their calls seems suspicious.
  • You received an e-mail with a one-time password to confirm account changes yet you do not make any changes in your account.
  • Your friends inform you about strange messages or posts from you.

Possible consequences

  • Criminals will cheat your friends and family and get money they will transfer when they see your appeals for aid posted by criminals from your account.
  • Loss of account or online public page.
  • Loss of marketplace clientele or social media subscribers.

How can one secure oneself?

We recommend to register or personify the number added to your social media accounts or marketplaces with your passport or change pre-paid services for contract ones. Besides, you should add additional contacts for service messages in your social media and marketplace accounts (e.g., related to account data changes).

You can find details on fraud protection here.


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