eSIM allows to install remotely the necessary parameters on a mobile device for registration on the network and select a tariff plan without a physical SIM card, so you do not occupy the slot of your device, and can install several eSIM at the same time.

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How to use

1. Make sure your device supports eSIM

2. Purchase a starter pack with eSIM in lifecell online shop

3. Scan the QR code from the voucher*

4. Select one of the available tariffs:

  • Self-service page: or
  • * 141 # or
  • 5433 or

* An active Internet connection is required to install and activate eSIM.

An example of devices with eSIM support:

  • iPhones XS, XR, XS MAX, 11, 11 PRO, 11 PRO MAX;
  • iPad 3rd generation, PRO, AIR, MINI 5;
  • Google Pixel 4

For the full e-SIM Terms of Service see the link.

Questions and answers

How many eSIM can I install on one phone?

It depends on the memory size of the phone chip itself and may vary depending on the model of the device.

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How to transfer eSIM to another phone?

To do this, delete the profile in the settings of the phone on which eSIM is installed and scan the QR code on the new device. During the removal and installation of the profile, an active Internet connection is required.

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Does LTE work on eSIM?

Yes, for this you need to select the appropriate technology in the settings for eSIM.

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How to change my current SIM card with eSIM?

At the moment, replacement is possible only with the Comfortable SIM change service

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Does eSIM work on Apple watch?

Currently, eSim cannot be installed on Apple watch.

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How to restore the number in case of phone loss with eSIM?

You should visit lifecell store and replace the SIM.

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Is it possible to use the same eSIM in two smartphones at the same time?

At the moment, no, one number on one device.

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Is it possible to replace eSIM with a regular SIM?


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