Tariff plans validity area

Regional tariff plans

The services packages (for 4 weeks/1 day) for Simple Life. Region 2020, Smart Life. Region 2020, Free Life. Region 2020, Platinum Life. Region 2020, Internet BEZMEZH 2020, Flexible Life. Region tariff plans are valid in the territory of the following regions of Ukraine:

Vinnytska oblast,
Donetska oblast,
Zakarpatska oblast,
Zaporizka oblast,
Ivano-Frankivska oblast,
Kirovohradska oblast,
Luhanska oblast,
Poltavska oblast,
Rivnenska oblast,
Sumska oblast,
Ternopilska oblast,
Khersonska oblast,
Khmelnytska oblast,
Cherkaska oblast,
Chernivetska oblast

and in some districts of other regions of Ukraine:

Volynska oblast

Horokhivskyi district, Kamin-Kashyrskyi district, Kivertsivskyi district, Kovelskyi district, Lutskyi district, Liubeshivskyi district, Liubomlskyi district, Manevytskyi district, Ratnivskyi district, Rozhyshchenskyi district, Shatskyi district, Starovyzhivskyi district

Dnipropetrovska oblast

Apostolivskyi district, Kryvorizkyi district, Mahdalynivskyi district, Mezhivskyi district, Nikopolskyi district, Novomoskovskyi district, Pavlohradskyi district, Petropavlivskyi district, Piatykhatskyi districts, Pokrovskyi district, Shirokivskyi district, Sofiyivskyi district, Tsarychanskyi district, Yurivskyi district, Vasylkivskyi district

Zhytomyrska Oblast

Baranivskyi district, Berdychivskyi district, Chudnivskyi district, Liubarskyi district, Luhynskyi district, Narodytskyi district, Olevskyi district, Ovrutskyi district, Romanivskyi district, Emilchinskyi district

Lvivska Oblast

Brodivskyi district, Mostyskyi district, Radekhivskyi district, Sambirskyi district, Skolivskyi district, Starosambirskyi district, Turkivskyi district, Zolochivskyi district

Mykolaivska Oblast

Arbuzynskyi district, Bereznehuvatskyi district, Bratskyi district, Domanivskyi district, Kryvoozerskyi district, Pervomaiskyi district, Snihurskyi district, Veselynivskyi district, Voznesenskyi district, Vradiivskyi district, Yelanetskyi district

Odeska Oblast

Ananivskyi district, Artsyzkyi district, Baltskyi district, Berezivskyi district, Ivanivskyi district, Izmailskyi district, Kiliiskyi district, Kodymskyi district, Liubashivskyi district, Mykolaivskyi district, Oknianskyi district, Podilskyi district, Rozdilnianskyi district, Saratskyi district, Savranskyi district, Shiriaivskyi district, Tarutynskyi district, Tatarbunarskyi district, Velikomikhailivskyi district, Zakharivskyi district

Kharkivska Oblast

Balakliiskyi district, Barvinkivskyi district, Blyzniukivskyi district, Bohodukhivskyi district, Borivskyi district, Iziumskyi district, Kehychivskyi district, Kolomatskyi district, Krasnogradskyi district, Krasnokutskyi district, Kupianskyi district , Lozivskyi district, Sakhnovshchynskyi district, Shevchenkivskyi district, Valkivskyi district, Zachepylivskyi district, Zolochivskyi district

Chernihivska oblast

Varvynskyi district, Koropskyi disctrict, Talalaivskyi district

Information regarding the districts, within which service packages operate, is given as of 16.07.2020 without taking into account the provisions of the Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine «On the formation and liquidation of districts» as of 17.07.2020.

National tariff plans

The services packages (for 4 weeks/1 day) for Simple Life, Smart Life, Free Life, Platinum Life, Smart family, Heat GO, 4 Unlims, BiP Heat, BiP Heat Plus, BOMB, HandMade, Platinum Contract, Lifehack Contract, Comfort, Flexible Life tariff plans are valid within Ukraine.

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