My rewards EN
Have the My lifecell — have rewards!
Gifts, privileges and promotions are now in one section.
Come and get them!
What is My rewards?
What benefits do I gain?
Where can I find the rewards?
This is a section in the My lifecell mobile application, where favorable and available offers for you are collected, as well as loyalty programs. Here you can gain additional benefits from lifecell: discounts, additional volume of services — minutes, gigabytes, SMS, special offers from partners, promotions and personal offers.
My rewards gives you easy access to promotions and offers in one section and the opportunity to track the history of all received «gifts»‎.
Right in your hands - in your smartphone. Log in the My lifecell» app and get them.
My rewards
Check out what is waiting for you!
And this is the "shelf" for your cups, so you can observe all your rewards.
The story begins
that loyalty programs have prepared for you:
Choose, meet the requirements and enjoy your
Choose your program, register and get more!
пpromotional offers
пpersonal offers
пavailable discounts
пand more ...
пdiscounts and offers from partners
пbonus cashback from SIMagotchi
пinvitations from PLATINUM Club
пand more
Well, let’s boast of
the rewards?

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