If you want your number to remain unknown, use the “CLIR” service.

The service allows concealing your phone number from the person whom you are calling.

35 UAH / 30 days


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Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.


How to use

To use the service, you must activate it first.

To activate, do one of the following:

  • Dial *123*2547#, and press the call button and confirm your request.
  • Send an SMS with CLIR[space]VKL text to number 123
  • Call *123# and choose category Upravlinnya rahunkom, Zaborona vyznachennya nomeru.
  • Enter your number and SuperPassword in the form below, then click "SUBMIT":

After service activation, your number will be concealed, and it will not be displayed during calls to others.

You also have an option to choose to display your number during the next call or not. If you want to display your number on the phone of the person whom you are calling, dial prefix *31# before the phone number.

(For example: you want to call subscriber 063 34 56 012, while you want your number to be displayed on the phone of the caller. Deal the following combination of numbers: *31#0630123456 and make the call.)

You can also control the display of your number by changing the settings in your mobile phone menu (see your phone manual).

Note that the "CLIR" service does not conceal your number when you send an SMS.

How to order

Call from your mobile phone

Full conditions

Service cost

The service fee is 35 UAH (including VAT and duty to PF) for 30 days. 

NB! If you do not have enough funds on account to extend the service within 30 days, the service will be available for 1 day. The cost of one day of the service is 1.40 UAH (including VAT and duty to PF).

The "CLIR" service is renewed automatically every 30 days. The beginning of the 30-day period shall be calculated from the 1st day of the service activation or extension.

If you do not have enough funds to extend the service for a 30-day period, the service will continue to be available on the following conditions: a daily service fee in the amount of 1.40 UAH (including VAT and duty to PF) will be charged (subject to availability of sufficient funds), and the service will be provided by the end of the day. In such circumstances, the service will be provided every day until the amount sufficient to pay the full (30-day) service fee becomes available on the avvount. If the account has insufficient funds to pay for the service (for a day or 30 days), the service will not be available during this period. After 30 days of non-payment for service (for a day or for 30 days), the service will be deactivated.

If at the time of the service activation there is not enough money to activate the same on your main or bonus account, your request will be saved for 30 days.

If within thirty days you top up your account by the amount needed to activate the service, the service will be activated automatically.

"CLIR" service does not conceal the number when you send an SMS. Correct service is not guaranteed for calls to the other networks.

Questions and answers

How to deactivate the service?

To deactivate the service, use one of the options:

  • Send SMS with the text CLIR[space]VYKL to 124
  • Call *124# and choose the category Upravlinia rahunkom, Zaborona vyznachennya nomeru і Vidkliuchyty poslugu.

Who can use the service?

The service is available for all lifecell subscribers.


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