Now the calls to landline numbers became even cheaper! Get 25 minutes to communicate and pay only 10 UAH for 30 days!

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Full conditions

  • To activate the service, dial *141*73# (the activation is possible since February 25, 2015).
  • The cost of service is 10 UAH (including VAT and duty to PF) for 30 days.
  • The service is extended automatically for the next 30 days if there is enough money on your account.
  • If you don’t have enough money for an automatic service extension, or if you have used 25 bundle minutes, the further calls shall be charged according to the standard rates of your tariff plan.
  • Re-activation is possible only once every 30 days and occurs not earlier than 30 days after the service was activated or extended.
  • The payment waiting period for automatic service resumption is the next 180 calendar days.
  • Information about the current service status: *112#.
  • To deactivate the service, dial *141*73#.
  • The service is available for all individual tariff plans.

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