Send and receive photos, pictures, melodies, sounds and even video files with the saving of the quality via MMS.

3 UAH / 5 pcs

Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.


How to use

To use MMS service, your phone must support this feature and be configured correctly.

The volume of one MMS-message cannot exceed 2MB.

Full conditions


5 MMS for 3 UAH in the day of usage* within Ukraine
6,00 UAH for 1 MMS outside Ukraine

* The package of 5 MMS is accrued, which is valid until the end of the day (Kyiv time). Starting from the 6th MMS per day, the price is 1 UAH per MMS. If there are not enough funds on the account to receive 5 MMS, 1 UAH for 1 MMS will be charged.

Questions and answers

Who can use the service?

Both operators Vodafone Ukraine since 01.02.2019 and Kyivstar since 30.10.2019 stopped the providing MMS service. The service is available within lifecell network only.

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Is it possible to send MMS abroad?

The international messaging service allows you sending MMS-messages abroad to subscribers of other mobile operators. If the operator does not support an MMS service, you’ll receive an SMS with a password, login, and web link at which you can see the received message. To see the MMS, follow the link and enter the received login and password.

What is the maximum MMS volume?

The volume of one MMS may not exceed 2 MB within lifecell network.


To order the automatic settings to be sent to your telephone use one of the following options:

  • Call *123#, select a category Na zvyazku, Nalashtuvannya telefonu.
  • Send SMS at 123 with MMS to get MMS settings
  • Call at 5433 (free in Ukraine) and contact the employee of the call-center. Name your telephone number and the service and then the necessary settings will be immediately sent to your telephone.
How to setup MMS manually?

To setup MMS manually please fill corresponding fields in your mobile device with the following parametrs:

Connection name:

lifecell MMS

Data bearer:


Access point name:


User name:

Prompt password:






Connection security:


Session mode:


Phone IP address:

Automatic (

Primary name server:

Secondary name server:

For phones with WAP 1.0 supprt

Gateway IP adress:

Gateway port number:


Proxy server:

Proxy port number:


For phones with WAP 2.0 supprt

Gateway IP adress:

Gateway port number:


Proxy server:

Proxy port number:


An example of MMS settings for iOS-based smartphones

An example of MMS settings for iOS-based smartphones

Version iOS 4, 5, 6 (Except for Iphone 5): In the phone menu, go to Settings – General – Network (Cellular data "On") – Cellular network – MMS

Iphone 5 (iOS 6): In the phone menu, go to Settings – General – Cellular data – Cellular network – MMS

Iphone 4, 4S, 5 (iOS 7): In the phone menu, go to Settings – Cellular data – Cellular network – MMS

and enter the following parameters:

APN: mms



What is the standard cost of sending SMS and MMS?

The standard tariffs for sending SMS and MMS you can see by the link.

How long MMS can be stored?

If your phone manually downloads MMS, message will be available during 24 hours.

If your phone automatically downloads MMS, there is no limitation on operator side for the time storage.

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What is the delivery time for MMS?

If your phone is turn off, attempts to deliver message will be doing for 24 hours. You can change time of delivery by yourself in phone settings.

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