Want to use the mobile Internet package simultaneously on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop? Order the MultiSIM Internet service and use the same traffic on multiple devices. In fact, it's very convenient: managing the service and paying for it from a single account.

25 UAH / 4 weeks


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How to use

Buy Universal starter package from any lifecell store or use any lifecell SIM card which is serviced on the basis of a verbal contract. This way you will get another SIM card exclusively for the Internet on your tablet or laptop. Once you activate the service, your laptop and tablet will start using your Internet package.


To activate the service, dial *144#.

After you receive an invitation for activation from the main line 380ZZZZZZZZZ, confirm it from your second line by sending an SMS with the digit 1 to the short number 4414 or via the menu *144#.

Cost of the one additional line for 4 weeks

25 UAH

Cost of the one additional line per day


How to order

Call from your mobile phone

Full conditions

The service is available for activation to individual subscribers of prepaid and contract tariff plans, except for the following tariffs: Shalom, Crazy year, Tenner, Iron Twenty, Giga Mining, Special Talks, Starter Twenty, 3G Smartphone ULTRA , Smart family, Rivne year, Flexible Life.Region. The subscribers of these tariffs cannot order the service.

A line that is serviced on the basis of a written contract cannot be used as an additional line.

Service management (activation) is available at *144#.

Information on the service status: *144#, when dialling from the main line 380ZZZZZZZZZ.

After activation MultiSIM Internet service any services including but not limited to those voice services (calls), SMS, and MMS, will be banned for additional lines.

After activating of the service, the balance of the main account of the additional line is transferred to the bonus account of the main line with a validity period of 30 days. In addition, after activating the service, all service packages activated on the additional line are transferred to the main line. Such service packages are valid until the end of their validity period or until the exhaustion of the volume of the corresponding service package, depending on which of the events occurs earlier.

Deactivation of the service is only possible when dialling *144# from the main line 380ZZZZZZZZZ. After deactivation the additional lines will be switched to the terms of the Universal starter package to select the tariff plan on which the service will be continued.

If there is not enough money on your mobile account of the main line to pay for the service within 60 days, the service will be deactivated automatically.

You can connect no more than 2 additional lines to one main line.

MultiSIM Internet service is renewed automatically for 4 weeks for connected secondary lines. If 2 lines are connected, a separate service fee is charged for each line separately.

If there is not enough money on your mobile account, this service will be renewed for 1 day with a payment of 1 UAH/day, until the full cost of the service is paid for 4 weeks.

After the subscriber switches to a different tariff plan, the service will remain activated, and the second and third lines will use the Internet traffic of the main line same as before.

Tariffs are inclusive of VAT and PF.

The service is available in the territory of Ukraine.

The terms of service are valid from 18.08.2021.

The provision of service in the temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine may be limited or impossible due to circumstances that are beyond an influence and control of the operator.

The minimum validity period of a service is 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of its entry into force. Changing of the conditions for the provision of the service is only possible in cases and in the manner prescribed by the current legislation, about which lifecell LLC informs subscribers additionally in the media and/or on its website and/or in another way established by law, for 7 (seven) calendar days until their introduction.


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