Mobile care Service

Make sure your family is always in touch. It is very important to maintain communication, especially when there is no possibility to be close by.


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How to use

Mobile care service is created specifically to allow you to easily order service packages for your relatives or friends by dialing *700#.


If you want to order a service package for a close person, just dial *700# to pay for the service package from your mobile account. The subscriber for whom you order the service package will be notified of payment by SMS.

Mobile care service differs favorably from the top-up of the account to another subscriber.

We explain why. The subscriber you care about can have various services activated. In this case, when replenishing, you will immediately pay for the activated services or debts, and the amount by which you have replenished his account will not be enough for the service package. If you order a service package through Mobile care service, then a close person in all circumstances will have the opportunity to call and use the internet.

How to order

Call from your mobile phone

Full conditions

The service is available for order to subscribers of LLC lifecell, who have concluded an agreement on the provision of telecommunication services orally or in writing and are serviced on individual tariff plans on the terms of preliminary payment (but excluding BOMB tariff plan).

Service control (activation) is carried out through the code: *700#1.png

Information on the current status of the service: *121#1.png

If you order a service package for another subscriber, it is worth considering that you can only get the service package once a day.That is, when the subscriber to whom you want to order the service package has already paid for it, you will be refused.In this case, just try again the next day.

There are no restrictions on the number of subscribers for which service packages can be ordered.That is, you can order a service package for 10, 100 and more subscribers.

If there is not enough money on the account to order the service package for another subscriber, Mobile care service is not provided.

The service is valid throughout Ukraine.

The terms of service are given as of 02.04.2020.

Receiving services in the temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories may be limited or impossible due to circumstances that are beyond the influence and control of the operator.

The operator reserves the right to set and change tariffs (tariff plans) for its services in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Telecommunications", to change the list of the services of such kind, as well as change the terms and conditions of promotions, prematurely terminate, stop their validation period unilaterally in accordance with terms and procedures for the provision of telecommunication services of LLC lifecell.


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