"Cheap calls" service

Save on calls to other mobile and landline numbers! Call your friends and relatives from other networks without thinking about the price of each minute. 

20 UAH / 30 days

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"Cheap calls" service
20 UAH/30 days
"Cheap calls" service
40 UAH/30 days
"Cheap calls" service
60 UAH/30 days

Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.


How to use




Minutes to other networks in Ukraine




Price, UAH/30 days




Service activation code


How to order

Call the call center

0 800 20 5433

free from landline numbers


from mobile


Full conditions

The service is available for activation to the subscribers of prepaid individual and contract tariff plans.

Service management (activation/deactivation) is available by the number *040#1.png.

Information about the current state of the service: *112#1.png.

The service is renewed automatically every 30 days or upon the usage of all minutes provided in less than 30 days upon subject to there is enough funds on the account. 

Connection of two or more packages in this service at the same time is unavailable. 

If there are enough money on the account service is automatically prolonged every 30 days or after using the provided minutes earlier. If there are not enough money on the account for service auto prolongation further calls to other numbers will be charged for standard price according to your tariff plan terms. After account refill for more than service fee amount during the next 90 days by the amount sufficient to pay the service cost, the service will be automatically prolonged. 

After the migration to other tariff plans, the service will remain active and the given minutes will be available for usage.

It is possible to pay for the service only from the main account. The tariffs are quoted including VAT and PF. 

The service is available on the territory of Ukraine.

The service terms are valid as of November 30, 2016. 


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