Tariff Plan "Hype"


  • Unlimited calls to lifecell
  • 10 GB of the Internet
  • 75 minutes to other networks within Ukraine

75 UAH / 30 days

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Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.

Bundle of services

Calls to lifecell


Calls to other networks within Ukraine, min



10 GB

Social networks


Cost, UAH / 30 days


Cost of bundle re-order before 30-day term expiry, UAH


Cost of bundle re-order / 30 days


Migration from other tariff plans


Music App
BiP Messenger lifebox
Cloud Storage
My lifecell

lifecell subscribers can use the abovementioned Applications without charges for traffic. Download from App Store and Google Play (the download is charged according to the terms of the tariff plan).

The tariff with abovementioned terms are valid throughout Ukraine.

Providing of telecommunication services on temporarily occupied territories and territories, where the governmental authorities temporarily or do not have full powers, can be limited or impossible due to the circumstances, which are beyond the operator's influence and control.

1"Free" means that the cost of the first 30-day bundle of services is included in the starter package price.

2The free use of the abovementioned social network is provided at the expense of payment for the Bundle of services. If the fee for the Bundle of services for 30 days on the terms of the tariff plan has not been paid, the data received/transferred during the social network usage will be charged according to the terms of the tariff plan.

To new subscribers


1. Придбайте початковий пакет з тарифним планом «Хайп» у магазинах lifecellВартість початкового пакета - 60 грн

2. Зателефонуйте забезкоштовним номером 111 для активації SIM-картки.

3. Перший 30-денний пакет послуг надається безкоштовно та включений до вартості початкового пакету.


To existing subscribers

Вартість переходу на тарифний план «Хайп»:

  • Для тарифних планів з дорожчою вартістю 30-денного пакету послуг – 50 грн. (з урахуванням всіх податків та зборів).
  • Для тарифних планів з дешевшою вартістю 30-денного пакету послуг – безкоштовно.



Full conditions

If the 30-days fee is not paid, the daily bundles are activated.

Tariffs over the bundled services

Voice services

Calls to lifecell  

0,6 UAH / min

Calls to other networks in Ukraine, UAH/min

3 UAH for 5 minutes till the end of the day4

Сall setup fee, UAH



Internet access

10 UAH / 250 MB for 5 days2

Messaging Services

SMS to mobile networks in Ukraine, UAH

1 UAH per SMS 

MMS to mobile networks in Ukraine, UAH


Calls abroad

International calls 

from 0,80 UAH/min

Roaming tariffs

Calls in roaming

from 25 UAH / 10 min
(details here)

Internet in roaming

from 30 UAH / 100 MB
(details here)

SMS in roaming

from 20 UAH / 15 SMS
(details here)

1Starting from 101st SMS during the day, the price is equal to 1 UAH for each SMS.

2When making an international call to the country of the first group, 25 minutes for making calls to the countries of the 1st group for 20 UAH/30 day will be provided. The quoted price is informative and calculated by the division of the price of provided minuted to their quantity. The full list of the groups and countries that belong there, as well as tariffication details, can be found here.

The tariff are quoted with all charges and commisions. 

This tariff plan is launched on 21.02.2018. The minimum tariff plan duration is 7 days from the date of its launch.

The tariff plan terms are valid as of 21.02.2018.

By activating this lifecell SIM-card, the user confirms that she/he reads and agrees to the Terms and Procedure of Telecommunication Services Provided by lifecell LLC, how to use the chosen tariff plan, has gotten all the required, available and reliable information about telecommunications services, their quantity, quality, range, as well as their provider (seller).

The carrier shall reserve the right to establish and change the tariffs (tariff plans) for its services under the Law of Ukraine on Telecommunications, to amend the list of services, and change the terms, duration of campaigns, terminate them earlier, suspend their term unilaterally etc. in accordance with the Terms and Procedure of Telecommunication Services Provided by lifecell LLC.

Detailed charging terms, minimum period and additional terms of service providing that refer to this tariff plan.


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