Tariff plan "Flat"


10 kop/min to three chosen lifecell numbers

1 UAH/min – calls to other networks

No call setup fee!


Migration price amounts to 50 UAH (the price is quoted in UAH, all taxes included).

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See answers to frequently asked questions below:

Which is the maximum call duration with tariff 0 UAH/min?

The maximum call duration of one outgoing call within lifecell’s network is 30 minutes.

How often is it possible to change the tariff plan?

Your lifecell’s tariff plan can be changed once a day.

Full conditions

Usage terms:

Calls to lifecell, UAH/min


Calls to fixed numbers, UAH/min


Calls to other networks within Ukraine, UAH/min


"Wonderful Three" service: calls to three chosen lifecell numbers, UAH/min


Set-up fee, UAH


SMS within Ukraine, UAH


MMS within Ukraine, UAH


NB! The opportunity to order "Wonderful Three" service or change chosen numbers is closed since 01.06.2011.

Tariffication of incoming and redirected calls (telecommunication services of voice information transfer) is per second, starting from the first second of providing a telecommunication service. Redirected calls are charged based on a tariff of outcoming call depending on the direction.

The Internet is provided on basis of 3G technology in case 3G coverage on the corresponding territory is present, cell phone specifications, and corresponding settings. In case at least one of the mentioned above terms is not fulfilled, the Internet will be provided on basis of EDGE technology (2G network).

Tariffication of sent and received data during the Internet usage is per byte starting from the first byte of every 200 KB of a current session. In payment for the first byte, a subscriber is provided with an opportunity to continue data transfer/receiving session and upload/download data in amount of 204799* bytes without extra charges (*204799 = 200 KB – 1 byte).

Validity term:

Minimum validity term - 7 (seven) calendar days starting from its activation.

Additional terms:

While using this tariff plan, a subscriber agrees on not doing the following:

(a) modernization, modification and/or reprogramming of the SIM card;

(b) connecting to Operator's network (inc via its SIM cards) any other equipment/technology (GSM gateway software/bridge/router; Sim-Box, Call-Back, IP telephony, Refile, modernized and/or reprogrammed phone etc.).

The terms are quoted as of 30.06.2012

Detailed charging terms, minimum period and additional terms of service providing that refer to this tariff plan.


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