"lifecell 500 SMS" service

Activate "lifecell 500 SMS" service and talk to your friends within the network as long as you want!!

Send up to 500 SMS to lifecell subscribers every 30 days!

Compare the terms with the standard cost of sending an SMS and MMS.

30 UAH / 30 days

How to order

Are you lifecell subscriber?

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Тарифы указаны в гривнах с учетом НДС. Дополнительно удерживается пенсионный сбор в размере 7,5%% на стоимость услуг сотовой подвижной связи.


How to use

Connect the service and get 500 SMS for 30 days. Send messages to lifecell numbers. After 30 days, the service will be extended automatically.

How to order

Call from your mobile phone
Send SMS
To number 123
with text
Order via “My lifecell” self-service system

Full conditions

500 SMS to lifecell numbers

30 days

30 UAH

If at the time of ordering the service the balance on your main or bonus account is insufficient for connection, your request will be saved for 30 days. If you top up your account by the amount needed to order the service within thirty days, the service will be connected automatically.

Questions and answers

How to activate the service?

To activate the service, use one of the following methods: 

  • Dial *123*500#, press the call button and confirm your request.
  • Send SMS-request with the text SMS500 VKL to123 and confirm your request.
  • Call *123#, choose Obmin Povidomlennyamy /500 SMS and activate the service.
How to deactivate the service?

To deactivate the service, use one of the following methods: 

  • Send SMS with the text SMS500 VYKL to 123 and confirm your request.
  • Call *123#, choose Obmin Povidomlennyamy / 500 SMS and deactivate the service.

Note that you can activate the service over again providing that the 30-day term of 500 SMS, which were provided the last time, expires. 

Did we answer your question?
Who can use the service and for how long it will be available?

The "lifecell 500 SMS" service is available to all lifecell subscribers and is acting on an ongoing basis. The term of service providing can be changed by the operator.  

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Can I use the service in roaming?

The "lifecell 500 SMS" service is available only within the borders of Ukraine. 

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What are the restrictions on the service use?

You can create short text messages using the Latin or Cyrillic characters. One message can contain max 160 Latin characters and max 70 Cyrillic characters.

What is the standard cost of sending SMS and MMS?

The standard tariffs for sending SMS and MMS you can see by the link.


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