BiP Out calls are free of roaming charge

BiP Out revolution in roaming has started!

Calls in roaming at the price of regular calls in Ukraine are now available via BiP Out!

Simply download BiP app and call everyone with no roaming charge!

BiP Out is the function in BiP app for making outgoing calls (as well as in roaming) to any:

- mobile and landline numbers of all Ukrainian operators (except for short numbers and numbers, started with 0 700, 0 800, 0 900, etc);

- mobile and landline numbers of visited country and other countries operators.


How to use

If you still have not downloaded BiP app, do that via Google Play or App Store and register with lifecell number. After that:

  • open BiP and click on the call icon;
  • select a number from the list of contacts or enter it via keyboard;
  • click on BiP Out call icon.

The app is available for iOS 7.0 and later devices, and Android 4.0 and later.

How BiP Out calls are charged:

If the service package within your tariff plan (valid within Ukraine) is paid, you can make BiP Out calls in roaming to ANY Ukrainian numbers (except for short numbers and numbers, started with 0 700, 0 800, 0 900, etc) using available minutes, provided in the package, or using available funds on the mobile account (if minutes are over) at the rate of outgoing calls according to your tariff plan as if you call from Ukraine.

It means that if your tariff plan includes unlimited calls to lifecell numbers, then you can make BiP Out calls in roaming to lifecell subscriber without limits and additional charges!

Calls to the numbers of visited country or other countries are charged at the rates of international calls as if you call from Ukraine.

For making outgoing calls via BiP Out function in BiP app you should have an access to the Internet (Internet package at the basic tariffs of lifecell in roaming, by using “Roaming Puzzle” service or any other mobile Internet package in roaming from lifecell).

Check the remaining minutes within your tariff plan: *121#.

BiP Out function is available for all lifecell subscribers.

The service conditions are valid as of 07/05/2018.

Full conditions

BiP Out is the function in BiP app, provided by LIFECELL VENTURES COÖPERATIEF U.A. LLC «lifecell» provides the subscriber with the service of calls termination, initiated by the subscriber by means of BiP Out function in BiP, which is rated according to subscriber’s tariff plan. The phrase “Call everyone” means the possibility of making a call to numbers of any operators of mobile and fixed-line telecommunication except for short numbers and global telecommunication services (numbers, started with 0 700, 0 800, 0 900, etc). By making a call, initiated by a subscriber, via BiP Out function, calls of such kind including calls, initiated out of Ukraine, are charged at the national or international tariffs (depending on call direction), roaming tariffs for calls are not applied. The additional payment for Internet traffic, spent when using BiP Out function, may be charged by Internet services provider.

To make a call via BiP Out function, open BiP app, go to "Calls", select or enter a phone number and press the call button.

After that, click on "BiP Out call". If a subscriber you are calling to doesn't have BiP installed on their phones, the call starts automatically after you click on call button.

To make a call to someone who is not on your contact list, enter it after clicking on the following icon inside menu:

Location of icon on Android

Location of icon on iOS


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