500 studminutes Promo

In order to talk freely about the exams, and vacation, and teachers, as well as about girls and boys, you, a student, need minutes to call.

But most importantly, these minutes need to work not only within the network, but in a way that lets you call any number within Ukraine: landline, mobile, lifecell!

That's why lifecell subscribers participating in Campus are provided with promotional 500 BiP Out minutes in the BiP Messenger for calls to any number within Ukraine (landline, mobile, lifecell) at no extra charge. You will definitely need them when the minutes in your package run out.

All you need is to:

BiP is the latest messenger for:

  • sending and receiving photos, videos, audio, text messages, and documents instantly
  • calls to landline and mobile numbers

Advantages of BiP:

  • if you are a lifecell subscriber, the use of internet traffic via BiP is not charged within Ukraine
  • after the first BiP download, lifecell subscribers get a pleasant surprise - 2GB of Internet for 7 (seven) days
  • for every 30 minutes of calls via BiP Out it is possible to get 1 GB of Internet
  • if you are in a place where there is no mobile connection, but there is Wi-Fi, you can call and receive a call through BiP to/from any mobile or landline numbers. This is a handy lifehack!
  • BiP SOS! Get 100 minutes of BiP Out, valid until the end of the day! Dial *911#
  • Choose your goal and get every month from 1 to 6 GB with BiP Boomerang program

  • Full conditions

    The Promo is valid from June 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020 included, in the entire territory of Ukraine, except for temporarily occupied and non-controlled territories.

    The participants of the Promo are the subscribers of LLC lifecell who concluded a verbal contract for the provision of telecommunication services on advance payment terms and are serviced under individual tariff plans, within which are service packages for the duration of 4 weeks or 30 days (hereinafter – the Participants). The Promo does not include the subscribers who use the Virtual BiP Number service, as well as tariffs where there is no fee for the services package.

    The Participants of the Promo are lifecell subscribers registered in the lifecell Campus loyalty program, who have paid for their services package.

    A Participant can only get BiP Out minutes once in every 4 weeks if their tariff plan is valid for 4 weeks, or once in every 30 days if the tariff plan is valid for 30 days.

    BiP Out minutes are not maintained when switching to the service contract form (conclusion of a written contract for the provision of telecommunication services).

    During the Promo Period, an additional service package will be added to the service package valid for 4 weeks or 30 days, which will be purchased by the Participants under their tariff plans, which will include: 500 BiP Out minutes for calls via BiP app to all numbers within Ukraine (landline, mobile, lifecell). The additional service package is accrued for the validity period of the main services package under the tariff plan, namely 4 weeks or 30 days. An additional (promo) service package will be accrued during the entire period of the Promo, provided that the Participant meets the terms of the Promo.

    2.3. The service package, which includes 500 promo BiP Out minutes, is used first.

    2.4. When a Participant enters into a written contract for the provision of telecommunication services, the additional service package is cancelled.

    3. This Promo is held under the current laws of Ukraine and the terms of the Promo. All relations related to this Promo not regulated by the terms of the Promo are governed by the current laws of Ukraine. If the terms and conditions of the Promo are interpreted ambiguously, the final decision is made by the operator within the current legislation of Ukraine. The decision of the operator on all matters related to the Promo is final and not subject to revision.

    4. If LLC lifecell suspects that the subscriber participating in the Promo resorts to fraudulent activity, or uses the opportunity to participate in the Promo for a commercial purpose, the operator has the right to refuse the subscriber the participation in this Promo and/or terminate the provision of services related to the Promo.

    5. LLC lifecell has the right to change the terms and the Promotion Period, provided that it is notified on the official website at www.lifecell.ua and/or as otherwise established by the legislation of Ukraine.

    6. LLC lifecell is not responsible for violation of the terms and conditions provided for herein in the event of force majeure, such as natural disasters, fire, flood, military actions of any nature, blockades, significant changes in legislation, or other circumstances beyond the control of LLC lifecell.

    7. A person, by fulfilling the conditions of the Promo confirms that they are familiar with the Promo Rules and gives their consent to receive any information on the initiation, progress, and results of this Promo, as well as the subsequent Promos, which will be held by LLC lifecell.


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