«Kid’s World – Childhood in touch» action

Attention, changes in the Rules

Who is lucky to receive gifts for entertainment?

We are launching 4 EvroMedia Play Pad 3G 2Goo tablets and 4 speaker systems Promate Bunny Yellow with «Kid's World» service!

The rules are simple:

to become a participant of the action, from 02.06.2020 to 27.07.2020, it is necessary to activate the subscription to «Kid’s World» service using the *693# command or send an SMS message with the figure "1" to the number 693 or you must already be a user of the portal «Kid's World»- https://ds.lifecell.ua during one of the gaming weeks:

1 game week - from 02/06/2020 to 08/06/2020 (inclusive);

2 game week - from 09/06/2020 to 15/06/2020 (inclusive);

3rd game week - from 16/06/2020 to 22/06/2020 (inclusive);

4th game week – from 23/06/2020 to 29/06/2020 (inclusive);

5th game week - from 30/06/2020 to 06/07/2020 (inclusive);

6th game week - from 07/07/2020 to 13/07/2020 (inclusive);

7th game week - from 14/07/2020 to 20/07/2020 (inclusive);

8th game week – from 21/07/2020 to 27/07/2020 (inclusive).

Promotion Conditions:

  • By participating in the Promotion, participants confirm that they are familiar with and agree to these terms of the Promotion.
  • The Promotion is valid throughout Ukraine (except for the temporarily occupied territories) from June 02 to July 27, 2020, inclusive (hereinafter - the Promotion Period).
  • To participate in the Promotion, the subscriber must activate the subscription to «Kid’s World» service with the special command *693# (call) or sending 1 to SMS number 693, or already be a user of the service. Sending a message to 693 is not separately charged.
  • A subscriber who successfully activates a subscription to «Kid’s World» service is automatically considered a participant in the Promotion and gets access to view and download content from «Kid’s World» portal at https://ds.lifecell.ua for 1 calendar day from the moment the service was activated .
  • The Promotion Prize Fund consists of 4 (four) EvroMedia Play Pad 3G 2Goo tablets (hereinafter - Prize 1) and 4 (four) speaker systems Promate Bunny Yellow (hereinafter - Prize 2).
  • Every week for 1, 3, 5, 7 game week Participants have the opportunity to win 1 (one) Prize 1. Every week for 2, 4, 6, 8 game week Participants have the opportunity to win 1 (one) Prize 2.
  • In order to determine the winner of the Prize 1 or Prize 2, following the results of each game week, on the first working day after its end, the following is done:
    - Forming a list of Participants who have fulfilled and comply with the terms of these Rules;
    - selecting the winner of Prize 1 or Prize 2 by using a random computer sample from the list of Entrants.
  • One Participant assigned by subscriber number can win the Promotion during the Promotion Period once and receive one Prize 1 or one Prize 2.
  • The winner will be notified of the winnings by a phone call from the Organizer within the first business day after the end of the respective game week and Period.
  • In case of failure to contact the winner within 3 telephone attempts, the right to receive the prize goes to the subscriber of the reserve staff. Each subscriber of the reserve warehouse is determined by an additional random computer sample among the participants of the Promotion.
  • Winners may not transfer the prize rights to third parties.
  • Payment of prizes in cash equivalents or replacement with any other material goods is not envisaged.
  • The organizer is not responsible for the additional costs of the winners.
  • In case of non-receipt of the prize by the winner, or in the event of any other problems, the winner on business days, but no later than 3 (three) business days from the date of notification of the win by the Organizer, must contact the contact numbers listed below. In the event that the winner has not addressed the issue of receiving or not receiving the prize within the specified period, he / she loses the right to receive it.
  • The Organizer is not responsible for the actions / omissions of third parties.
  • The Organizer is not responsible for not familiarizing the participant with these Terms and for the erroneous / misunderstanding of the participant by their terms.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the Promotion. In case of any changes the information will be provided on the website https://lifecell.ua

«SIGMA Digital» LLC is the organizer of the Promotion, which provides prizes to the winners of the Promotion. Tel. (044) 390-58-50.


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