1 GB for 30 minutes of calls via BiP Out

A pleasant surprise for many lifecell subscribers - for every 30 minutes of BiP Out calls you will get + 1GB of the Internet*

Valid for tariff plans: 4 Unlims, BiP Heat, BiP Heat Plus, lifecell Friends, lifecell Family, Platinum, PLATINUM 2019, PLATINUM PLUS, Platinum Contract, Platinum Life, Platinum Life 2020, Platinum Life. Region 2020, Premium, Premium Exclusive, Ambassador, BOMB, Free Life, Free Life 2020, Free Life. Region, Free Life. Region 2020, Gadget Security, Gadget Tablet, Gadget Tablet 2020, Gadget Router, Gadget Router 2020, Gadget Smart, Gadget Smart 2020, Dzvinkiy BEZMEZH, Flat, Heat GO, Heat GO PLUS, Iron Twenty, Self-made, Comfortable, Internet BEZMEZH, Internet BEZMEZH 2020, Internet Heat, Comfort, Lifehack, Lifehack PLATINUM, Lifehack Contract, Subsidy, Practical, Simple Life, Simple Life 2020, Simple Life. Region 2020, Smart L, Smart Life, Smart Life 2020, Smart Life. Region 2020, Smart family L, Smart family M, Smart family S, Hype, HandMade, Hitmaker, School Life. 1 GB for every 30 minutes of outgoing calls from BiP Out, on the condition of a paid package of services. The validity period of the extra gigabyte is 4 weeks.


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