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Would you like to call twice cheaper? It is possible with "Free lifecell+SMS" and “Optimal lifecell” tariff plans! From now subscriber has possibility to double his money manually to order twice bigger sum on a bonus account. For example: for 5 UAH from a main account - 10 UAH is given on a bonus account and for 50 UAH from main account - 100 UAH is given on a bonus account. To order double money is very simple - just call *143*35#.

Тарифы указаны в гривнах с учетом НДС. Дополнительно удерживается пенсионный сбор в размере 7,5%% на стоимость услуг сотовой подвижной связи.

The minimal sum to double money is 5 UAH, maximal is 50 UAH! It is possible to double only the whole sum from the main account without kopecks and only one time per calendar month. The twice bigger sum of bonus is given instead of the The bonuses validity period is 7 days. The offer is valid till 31.03.2013 inclusive for the new and current subscribers of «Free lifecell+SMS» and «Free lifecell classic» tariff plans. For subscribers of the «Optimal lifecell» tariff plan offer is valid until 31.12.2015 inclusive. In case of promo participant’s migration to other tariff plan, participation in promotion is cancelled, the given bonuses are burned.


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