Terms of bonus account use

Every subscriber has two accounts: the main account, where the funds refilled by a subscriber as a payment for the services cost are recorded, and the bonus account, where all bonuses are automatically provided.

1 bonus gives a right to receive the services with the total cost of 1 UAH by means of the funds paid by a subscriber. The bonuses can be used according to the terms of use of the bonus account.

The validity term of bonuses can be different and depends on the terms of providing of the bonuses (according to promos, terms of tariff plans, etc.). A subscriber can check the amount of bonuses by dialing *111#. A subscriber can also check the amount and the validity terms of bonuses via "My lifecell" app.

The validity term starts from the moment bonuses are provided. The bonuses that have not been used during the term of their validity are cancelled.

Bonuses can be used for the following payments:

  • bundle of services of your tariff plan;
  • calls to lifecell numbers, calls to other networks and landline numbers within Ukraine;
  • SMS, MMS, WAP;
  • mobile Internet.

The bonuses are used primarily for paying for the abovementioned services (in case they are available), herewith, the bonuses with the least validity term are used first. After all bonuses are used, the funds on the main account are used.

Bonuses cannot be used for the following payments:

  • content services;
  • roaming services;
  • international calls;
  • mobile payments;
  • "Balance Transfer" service.

Provided bonuses on subscriber's bonus account (at least 1 bonus) mean the emergence and availability for this subscriber the right to receive to receive mobile communication services according to the tariffs he uses starting from the amount of 1 UAH. Thereat, the services that are provided for a subscriber with using bonuses have been paid by a subscriber at the expense of the funds charged on the main account and at the expense of which the corresponding amount of non-refundable bonuses have been provided on the bonus account.

Bonuses provided on a subscriber's bonus account are not financial resources literally according to the current legislation of Ukraine. In case of termination (repudiation) of the agreement of providing of the telecommunication services contracted either in a written form or orally (a purchase of the initial bundle and refill cards), bonuses are cancelled and cannot be returned to a subscriber in a form of the funds.

The carrier reserves the right to alter the terms of the bonus account usage. The carrier reserves the right to stop providing bonuses/using bonuses/cancel the bonus account in its sole direction without coordinating it with a subscriber in case the latter has violated the legislation of Ukraine.


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