General Mobile 8 phone every week with the BiP messenger

Under the terms of the promotion " Win the General Mobile 8 phone every week with the BiP messenger " (hereinafter - the Promotion), all physical persons of the lifecell subscribers and subscribers of other mobile operators of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as "Participants") over 18 y.o, familiar with these rules, installed the mobile application BiP (if it has not already been installed) and sent 10 or more text messages via BiP during one gaming week.


Promotional terms:

1. The action is held throughout the territory of Ukraine (except for temporarily occupied territories) from 10.09.2018 to 11.18.2018 (inclusive) (hereinafter - Terms of the Promotion).

2. All users of the BiP messenger, both existing and new, who downloaded the BiP messenger to their mobile device, have successfully registered in the BiP application and sent 10 or more text messages within the same gaming week, can successfully participate in the Promotion. The schedule of the gaming week is below:

  • 1 gaming week - from 10.09.2018 to 16.09.2018 (including);
  • 2 gaming week - from 17.09.2018 to 23.09.2018 (including);
  • 3 gaming week - from 24.09.2018 to 30.09.2018 (including);
  • 4 gaming week - from 01.10.2018 to 07.10.2018 (including);
  • 5 gaming week - from 08.10.2018 to 14.10.2018 (including);
  • 6 gaming week - from 15.10.2018 to 21.10.2018 (including);
  • 7 gaming week - from 22.10.2018 to 28.10.2018 (including);
  • 8 gaming week - from 29.10.2018 to 04.11.2018 (including);
  • 9 gaming week - from 05.11.2018 to 11.11.2018 (including);
  • 10 gaming week - from 12.11.2018 to 18.11.2018 (including).

3. According to the results of each gaming week, at the first working day after the end of the respective gaming week, the lists of the Participants which meet the conditions of p.2 and p.3 will be formed and by the random computer selection from these lists, the winners will be selected.

4. From the 1st to the 9th game weeks, participants receive an opportunity to win weekly for 1 (one) mobile phone General Mobile 8 (hereinafter - Prize).

5. By the results of the 10th gaming week, the Participants will be able to win 3 (three) Prizes.

6. One Participant, determined by subscriber number, may become the winner of the Promotion only once during Terms of the Promotion and receive only one Prize.

7. The winners will be informed about the prize winning by phone call from the responsible employee of LLC "lifecell" during the first working day after the end of each game week.

8. In case of impossibility to contact the winner during 3 phone calls, the right to receive one of the phones passes to the reserve Participant. Each reserve Participant is determined by an additional random computer choosing among all applicants who fulfill the conditions described in paragraph from 2 to 7 of these rules during Terms of the Promotion. Total number of winners - 12 people.

9. The lifecell LLC reserves the right to change the Prizes or to provide targeted cash prizes, or to provide alternative prizes.

10. In order to receive the Prize, each winner must provide a photocopy of the reference document on the registration number of the payer's tax card in the State Register of Natural Persons - taxpayers and passport data in the form of photocopies of the corresponding passport pages (the name of the person who owned the passport and the date of handover, registration mark (registration)). Each photocopy page must be personally signed by a person who provides such information.

11. In case of non-receipt of the Prize, if the Participant was entitled to it or in case of any other difficulties, the subscriber should apply on working days by contact numbers 5433 (for subscribers of LLC " lifecell") or by the number 0800205433 (for all subscribers ) no later than 30.11.2018 inclusive. In case if the Participant has not applied before 30.11.2018, including the issues of non receipt of the Prize, the Participant loses the right to receive it.

12. Winners can not transfer the rights to the Prize to third parties.

13. LLC "lifecell" reserves the right to independently determine the exact amount of funds that will be spent on providing prizes. LLC "lifecell" is not responsible for the additional costs of the winner. Responsibility for paying taxes for the Prizes relies on LLC "lifecell".

14. The Participants of the Promotion by their participation in the Promotion confirm their consent to the use of their surnames and photographs in case they receive Prizes in print, audio and video materials without any material compensation, and also consent to adhere to other Rules of the Promotion. Recipients of the Prizes confirm their agreement to give advertising interviews about participation in the contest in mass media, including on radio and television, and also be photographed for the production of graphic materials without paying them any funds compensation for it. All exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights for such interviews and photographs, etc., will be owned by the lifecell LLC.

15. LLC "lifecell" reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the Promotion. In case of any changes, information on this will be provided on the website

16. The invalidation of any provision of these Rules shall not affect the validity of the Rules as a whole.

17. The lifecell LLC is exempted from any liability regarding the effects of the use of the Prizes after they are served to the winners.


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