Get Ready for 4G!

Get ready to 4G - exchange your SIM card to a new one with 4G support and get 1 GB of the Internet*!

lifecell is actively preparing to the launch of 4G in Ukraine, so we have started the special promotion to provide you with the possibility to start using 4G connection as soon as it appears or the opportunity to "LTE Roaming" service.

To exchange the SIM card to the new one with 4G support and receive* 5, 7 or 10 GB of the Internet, you should do the following:

  • use one of lifecell stores
  • provide your old SIM card for replacement with the new one with 4G support
  • 1GB will be provided within 48 hours after the exchange

The offer is available for all lifecell subscribers, who use lifecell SIM card.

Promo validity term: from 10.10.2017 to 15.01.2018 (inc) on the territory of Ukraine.

* Means providing 1GB of the Internet traffic for 0,01 UAH, which will be provided within 48 hours from the moment of SIM card exchange to the new one with 4G support. A subscriber is provided with the opportunity to use the charged GB during 30 calendar days, namely on the day of charging and during 29 following calendar days. The promo traffic is used in the first instance.


questions and answers


When 4G will be launched?

Unfortunately, the exact time of tender among the operators is not defined yet, but lifecell network will be ready for this event, and we will be glad to to provide you with the opportunity to use 4G connection as soon as it appears.

If I haven't received the SMS, does it mean that my SIM cards supports 4G?

If you have been using lifecell since April 2016, or you have replaced your SIM card after this date, and your card has new design (not the red life:)), most likely, it does support 4G. You can check type of your SIM card in one of lifecell stores.

What is USIM?

USIM is an advanced modification of SIM standard, adapted to the functioning in high-speed networks of the correspondent type. As well as SIM cards, the cards of USIM format are protected by the codes – PIN and PUC. Traditional SIM cards are intended mainly for voice connection and SMS. USIM cards are designed for people, who besides classic communication services constantly use high-speed mobile Internet, too.

What advantaged do 4G has compared to 3G?

This technology is much more powerful and operative in terms of functioning. It is distinctive by higher data transferring speed, better connection quality, and less timeouts. These advantages let 4G users to experience all benefits, including online gaming and watching multimedia content.

When 4G will be expanded on the whole territory of Ukraine?

4G technology provides more opportunities for users, but the complete release requires the corresponding technical base, developing which will take some time. As it happened with 3G, big cities will be covered primarily, and then the network will be developed in smaller cities and towns.


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