Get 1 GB of 3G Internet for 29 UAH/30 days! 


Get 2 GB of 3G Internet for 49 UAH/30 days! 


Get 4 GB of 3G Internet for 79 UAH/30 days! 


Get 8 GB of 3G Internet for 129 UAH/30 days!


Get 500 MB of 3G Internet for 25 UAH/30 days! 



20 UAH / 30 days

Get 100 MB of 3G Internet + Unlimited Internet at a 2G speed 


15 GB of the Night Internet


Get 500 MB of Internet for 15 UAH/week!


Special offers

New generation app

Continue communicating even when you got 0 on your account! 

Call to other networks without thinking about the price

20 UAH / 30 days

Your cell phone will be safe in just 3 minutes

Without extra charge – 100 MB for BiP app in more than 50 countries

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