"15 GB NIGHT INTERNET" service

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Get 15 GB of the Night Internet just for 30 UAH a month!

This is what your tablet, laptop and PC need!

30 UAH / 30 days


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Cost, UAH

Night Internet




The service implied the provision of a certain amount of data every 30 days for a fee charged every 30 days. The amount of data provided within the service can be used at night from 23:00 till 08:59 within Ukraine.

Detailed charging terms

The data sent and received during the night over the amount of data within the service shall be charged according to the tariffs of "Internet Access" service and/or the terms of your tariff plan, and/or other activated Internet services.

If after 30 days of service use there is not enough funds on the account to be charged for the service for the next 30 days, the service will be suspended for 90 days. After the account is refilled, and provided that there is a sufficient amount of funds to be charged, the service will be provided (and the amount of data will be accrued) and a fee will be charged in full. If there is not enough money on the account to be charged within 90 days of the service suspension, after expiry of the said 90-days’ period, the service will be deactivated.

The Internet (bundled MB) are provided on 4.5/3G+ technology basis in case 4.5/3G+ coverage is present on the corresponding territory, the device supports 3G function, and the corresponding settings are applied. In case at least one of the conditions is not fulfilled, the Internet services will be provided on basis of EDGE technology (2.5G network).


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