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How do I know whether my phone supports 3G?

You can read about it in your phone manual or on the Web.

Can I talk over a 3G-phone, while simultaneously downloading the data?

Yes of course. The capacity of this technology allows supporting multiple services simultaneously.

It is clear that in the nearest future 3G-coverage will be nationwide. How can I find out where lifecell 3G coverage is available?

The fastest and the most convenient way is to call the operator and clarify the coverage in a particular place or region.

What is 3G+ and what is the difference from 3G?

3G+ is a 3G network of the latest generation, deployed on the most modern equipment and the most promising frequencies in Ukraine. 3G+ lifecell network can support the maximum Internet speed of 63.3 Mbps.

This is a high-speed bundle access combining three channels (3C-HSDPA/Triple Carrier HSDPA technology), which is an extension of the basic version of 3G standard technology (third generation) of a universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS) and allows enjoying the higher data rates and Internet access, namely to achieve the speed up to 63.3 Mbps, provided that a corresponding terminal equipment (supporting a 3C-HSDPA/TripleCarrierHSDPA), network configuration, sustainable signal of a mobile communication network is available, and in the absence of physical barriers to signal proliferation.

What is needed to start using 3G?

It's very simple. Just follow the steps below:

1. Ensure that your device (phone, tablet or smartphone) supports 3G (the information is available in the manual to your phone or on the Web).

2. Connect a 3G offer from lifecell. We care about offering a wide range of services, through which each user can select the desired volume of 3G-traffic.

3. Configure your device:

· enable simultaneous “GSM/3G” mode (depending on the phone model, both “Dual mode” and “GSM/WCDMA” or “GSM/HSDPA” ). In this case, the switching between GSM and 3G-network will be carried out automatically, i.e. without connection failure;

· indicate internet as an access point (apn).

As soon as you are within the 3G coverage, the device is connected to a 3G network. There is no need to change the SIM card.

NB! In many cases, in the phones for two SIM cards (Dual-SIM devices), only one of two slots supports 3G Internet. This is true for most phones currently used in Ukraine (see the details in the user manual), so for correct 3G operation, it is recommended to install a lifecell SIM card into the first slot.

How to determine that the phone is now connected to a 3G-network?

When the phone is within 3G coverage area and finds a 3G-network, the phone screen will display icon 3G or icons H/H+, less frequently HSDPA/HSPA/HSPA+. It depends on the phone manufacturer and model.

What happens if the 3G icon disappears from your phone?

Calls and GPRS/EDGE Internet will be available for you, provided that your smartphone is configured for simultaneous GSM/3G mode (or “Dual Mode”).

When will 3G become available in my town/village?

lifecell is working at maximizing the 3G-network. After 3G launch, you’ll be able to follow the expansion of the coverage area on 3G coverage map at www.lifecell.ua. In general, all mobile carriers should cover the regional centers with 3G-network within 18 months, but lifecell is striving to do this within a much shorter period.

What is the data transmission speed in 3G+?

The maximum permissible speed in the network can reach up to 63.3 Mbps, subject to availability of the corresponding terminal equipment (supporting 3C-HSDPA / TripleCarrierHSDPA), network configuration, availability of a stable mobile communication network signal and the absence of physical barriers to signal proliferation.

The maximum permissible data transmission rate in lifecell subject to support of the other technologies is as follows:

· GPRS - max 80 Kbps;

· EDGE – max 240 Kbps.

What can influence the data transmission speed in 3G?

The average speed for the user can be lower than the maximum possible and depend on:

·  device characteristics;

·  network business - the number of subscribers simultaneously using the 3G in the same location;

·  condition of the Internet user, that is whether s/he is walking or driving at high speed.

The reasons may also include:

·  business of the accessed resource;

·  battery level;;

·  additional applications (applications installed on your phone and automatically connected to the Internet).

Will the battery drain faster when using 3G?

This largely depends on the mobile phone manufacturers. Often, the manufacturers specify in the device characteristics how long the device can operate in a 3G-network.

To save the battery, you can enable power saving mode in the phone settings. Look how to enable power saving mode in your phone manual.

Can I make/receive calls during an active 3G Internet session?

Yes. The voice communication and data transmission in 3G-network operate simultaneously.


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