"Social Networks" service

Now you can surf the social network Facebook on your mobile!

The nearest time service will be updated with new interesting resources!

With the "Social Networks" service you can chat with your friends, view photos and videos or share your photos and video.

19 UAH / 30 days

How to order

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Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.


How to order

Call from your mobile phone
Send SMS
To number 123
with text
Visit lifecell shops

Full conditions

The service provides access to social network Facebook free of charge for the traffic within 2GB for 30 days. The fee for service is 19 UAH (including VAT and duty to PF) and shall be charged every 30 days. If package of services is finished before 30 days period and you continue to use social network, the service will be prolonged for one day for 1,50UAH (including VAT and duty to PF) for every 200MB till the end of a day.

If you don’t have enough funds to pay for service extension for a day, the service will be suspended for 90 days. If you have enough funds on the account to pay for the service after refilled your account, the service will be provided and the fee will be charged. If you haven’t enough funds on your account to pay for the service within 90 days from the service suspension extension, the service will be deactivated after the said 90-day period.

NB! The service provides access without payment for traffic only to the resources of social network Facebook using the browser or official app for iOS and Android.

Questions and answers

How to activate the "Social networks" service?
  • Dial *123*79#, press the call button and approve your request.
  • Send SMS with the text VKVKL to 123 and approve your request.
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How to deactivate the "Social networks" service?

Dial *112#, choose Aktyvnye, SocMerezhi and choose Vidklyuchity.

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Special offers

"Additional funds" service

Continue communicating even when you got 0 on your account! 

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"Cheap calls" service

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20 UAH / 30 days


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"Cheap calls" service
20 UAH/30 days
"Cheap calls" service
40 UAH/30 days
"Cheap calls" service
60 UAH/30 days
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BiP Messenger

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