My lifecell app

My lifecell application allows smartphone users to control their mobile number from their phones.

With My lifecell you can:

  1. Get access to general information about your phone number – balance, PIN/PUK codes etc.
  2. Discover the variety of useful functions:
  • tariff migration and ordering services;
  • account refill;
  • request for funds transfer;
  • SuperPassword and language change.

How to use

My lifecell is an app, which requires installation.

For this, download My lifecell app from Google Play or Apple App Store

Full conditions

Application launch:

1. Run the application by clicking on the icon

2. Enter your phone number

3. Get SuperPassword. 

3.1. Press the "Get SuperPassword" button 

3.2. Receive SuperPassword via SMS

4. Enter SuperPassword

5. Activate "Remember me" function, allowing to avoid entering your phone number and SuperPassword each time you start the application 

6. Click "Login"

questions and answers


What is the difference between an app featured for iPhone and Android-based devices?

Both apps have the same feature set, except the function of the balance top up and the possibility of using widgets, which are only available for Android-based devices.

Who can use the service?

The service is available for all lifecell subscribers.


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