With lifebox, you can save photos, videos and other files in a safe place and use them from anywhere in the world through Internet! Also, you can synchronize your contacts and not be afraid that they might be lost.

Every lifebox user is provided with a storage capacity of 5 GB to store files at no extra charge.

Also, 50 GB and 500 GB storage options are available.

In addition, lifecell subscribers do not pay for mobile traffic when using lifebox in Ukraine!


How to use

For using the service, download a free app for your mobile device:


or use mobile version from your PC by clicking here here.

Thanks to lifebox:

  • Your photos will be automatically saved to lifebox once taken without occupying any space on your device.
  • You can easily back up and restore your phone contacts with lifebox.
  • You can view photos and other files in lifebox without the need to download them.
  • You can access all your files in lifebox via a phone, tablet or computer.
  • You can make entertaining videos from your photos stored in lifebox and easily share content.
  • You can easily print out your files and decorate your living space with your memories.
Full conditions

Every lifebox user will receive 5GB of cloud storage for free! In addition, lifecell subscribers will not pay for mobile traffic when using lifebox in Ukraine!

Within the service it is possible to increase the storage capacity:

Storage, GB Price, UAH Period, days Order code
50 24,99
SMS with text 50 VKL to 8080
500 52,99 SMS with text 500 VKL to 8080

You can also increase the volume of your storage by calling USSD code * 888 # and selecting the appropriate package from the list.

If you are on “BOMB” tariff, you can get FREE 50 GB in cloud here.

If you are on “Lifehack”, “Lifehack Plus”, “Lifehack PLATINUM”, “Hype” tariff, you can get FREE GB in cloud here.


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