Home Internet EN
Enjoy the high quality home internet without need for cables!
Everywhere with 4.5G fast wireless home internet from lifecell
Get 9999GB of traffic for only 150 UAH/4 weeks!
Working from home, shopping on the sofa, and bingeing box sets in the bedroom. It's important. And it can't wait.
Powerful bandwidth and no data caps mean fast internet for everyone in your household. Enjoy HD video streaming with Home Internet from lifecell.
How does Home Internet work?
Home Internet taps into the power of our 4.5G network to give you the wireless home internet you deserve.

Your router ships free. Install on your
own time. No tech or tools are needed.
Just insert the SIM card and switch it on.
Pay attention: Internet traffic can only be used through a router bought with the "Home Internet 4G" starter pack.
Choose & enjoy 4.5G Internet at home
All devices ready to use. 4 weeks payment included in bundle.
What is Home Internet?
  • The "Home Internet 4G" tariff plan uses the same 4.5G network, which smartphones with 4.5G lifecell internet use too, depending on the signal availability at your location.
  • You receive the tariff plan through a router, which converts 4.5G signal to Wi-Fi and provides Wi-Fi signal available for all devices in your home.
Why should I use Home Internet?
There might be several reasons:
  • There is no wired internet in your home
  • Sharing home internet with other devices causes problems while you work from home, make video calls, or watch a movie
  • Your ISP's connection is unavailable from time to time, and you need a backup connection
  • You have a nomadic lifestyle and want to carry your internet with you
  • You simply prefer to see less cables around
Where can I use Home Internet?
You can use it anywhere where lifecell 4.5G signal is available.
What will I get with lifecell Home Internet purchase?
SIM card with the activated "Home Internet 4G" tariff plan and the router.
What is included in lifecell "Home Internet 4G" tariff plan?
9999 GB/4 weeks.
Is there any speed limit for Home Internet?
No, there is no speed limit.
I have my own router. Can I use "Home Internet 4G" tariff with it?
The Home Internet is provided/delivered together with a router. Tariff doesn't run on other routers or mobile phones.
What speed can I expect?
Speed can range depending on the location, signal strength and availability, time of day, and other factors. It's expected that the average internet speed is 15 Mbps, which is enough for HD movies, video calls for example.

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