Number change

1 Authorization
2 Data entry
3 New number choice
4 Payment and activation

To сhange a number, please authorize via your contact mobile number

Please check your incoming SMS. Further, enter the verification code that you received

Please check your e-mail (including the spam folder). Further, enter the verification code that you received


Enter the number of the purchased starter package, PIN and PUK that are under the protective cover. Attention, do not activate the purchased starter package until the number change procedure is completed

Card image +38 (XXX) XXXXXXX

Fill in the reservation number if you chose a number earlier, or select a new number just now


To change the number, please, refill number that is specify on your starter package up to XX UAH via the page Then click the and make sure that the balance was changed to the refill amount. Activate the new number via click to “Change number“ button


Congratulations, the number was successfully changed to 380Х3ХХХХХХХ!
Your SIM-card is activated and ready to use.

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