Your favorite music and videos with fizy!

Listen to millions of songs, watch videos and live shootings, create your own playlists in fizy music app.

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Your favorite music and videos with fizy!

fizy is:

✔ The application, available for all smartphones in Ukraine, regardless of the mobile operator
✔ Digital quality of sound transmission
✔ Made up and your own playlists
✔ Music videos and live shootings

fizy subscription options

fizy is:

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Questions and answers

What are the things that I can do with fizy application?
  • You can find any performer, song, playlist, video and album title you want
  • Access fizy playlists prepared specifically for you by the fizy curator team
  • Listen to the most popular radio stations
  • Watch music videos of your favorite songs
  • Watch your favorite artists’ live concerts, acoustic sessions and fizy-exclusive video contents
  • Create your own playlists
  • Share your favorite songs in social media platforms (BiP, Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Listen to music without any Internet connection цшер offline feature
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Who can use fizy application?

fizy is the application that can be used by everyone. You can start listening to music by choosing a subscription that suits you in "Subscriptions to Purchase" tab under "Account menu".

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Is fizy a paid service?

You can download fizy for free. After you log in, you can use fizy and enjoy all the features for free with a one-month trial. After the expiry, you may select a subscription option appropriate for you and continue using fizy with access to the full features.

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What are the things I can do with fizy "Radio" Membership?

With fizy Radio Membership, you can listen to radio stations included in the list in ‘Radios’ tab and to 30-second versions of songs free of charge.

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Can I have information about the paid subscriptions?

Subscription types and prices can be found on "Subscriptions to Purchase" tab below Account Menu. You may purchase a subscription that suits you the best from the list of available in order to use all fizy features. The fee of paid subscriptions is collected monthly or daily with respect to the period of the selected subscription.

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Do I use my mobile Internet data when I listen to music with fizy application?

Mobile Internet data is not used, when lifecell subscribers use fizy through their mobile Internet connection. In general, standard Internet fee is applied only when logging into Twitter and Facebook or for some integrations within the application (Google Analytics, Adjust etc.) and such fee is deducted from the mobile Internet package. The mobile Internet usage of other operators' subscribers is charged by their operators and their relevant tariffs while using fizy.

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I want to listen to music at places where there is no Internet. What should I do?

What I recommend for you is fizy Premium Membership. With fizy Premium membership, you can take the fizy playlists that contain your favorite songs offline and you can listen to them when your mobile internet is turned off.

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How is offline listening mode used?
  • You can use the offline feature in order to listen to your customized playlists, favorite songs and videos at locations, where there is no Internet.
  • Select a playlist, a song or a video, which you want to take offline.
  • For the playlists, activate "Play Offline” button on the page and wait. An orange icon appears for the songs that are being taken offline. In order to take your favorite song/video offline, click on the three dots at the right of the song/video and add it to one of your offline playlists.
  • Now you can listen to the playlists, songs or videos you have taken offline, without any mobile Internet.
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Do the paid subscriptions purchased over App Store/Google Play Store by In-App Purchase option continue in the following months?

Yes. The monthly fee for the service is collected monthly from the credit card registered in the relevant Store. Your operator cannot access and view your credit card data with respect to the purchases made over the Stores. The security of the information is provided by the company of the relevant Store.

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How can I cancel the subscriptions which I purchased from App Store/Google Play Store?

If you purchased your subscription from the Stores, you are also required to make the cancellation over the Stores. The cancellation of such subscriptions cannot be performed by your operator.

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Can other users see my customized playlists?

You may share your own playlists with all fizy users. You have to log in to fizy application and create your profile and set your list as public in order to enable all fizy users to see your list.

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