Platinum Services EN
A team of experiences and a special support team is ready to help in the most unusual situations. Pleasant discounts in your favorite shops, private parties, master classes, movies, giveaways and many other interesting things.

Care may be given in various ways!
Tariffs are quoted in UAH, all taxes and charges inclusive.

Service terms and conditions are valid within Ukraine. Receiving the Service in the temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine may be limited or impossible due to circumstances that are beyond the influence and control of lifecell LLC.
Who may activate PLATINUM service?
The service is available for susbcribers of lifecell LLC, served on the terms of individual tariff plans.
How to activate the service?
Dial *801# and choose the appropriate package. The service is provided immediately after the payment for the relevant Service package in full. At the end of the period of validity of the accrued service package, the following service package is provided if there are funds to make a payment.
How to deactivate the service?
Dial *801#. Funds for the service usage are non-refundable.
What to do if I have a question about PLATINUM service?
The best way is to write to Platon Clubenko on Facebook. If you are a lifecell subscriber, call 5433 (free).
How to replace the SIM card and get a spare SIM card for free?
To replace the SIM card and /or get a spare SIM, contact any store operating under the lifecell brand. The members of PLATINUM Plus service can replace the SIM card and/or get a spare SIM free of charge. . A subscriber can use this opportunity only once per calendar year.

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